Roku ‘Originals,’ Formerly the Dregs of Quibi’s Library, Will Debut May 20

Roku ‘Originals,’ Formerly the Dregs of Quibi’s Library, Will Debut May 20
Photo: Catie Keck/Gizmodo

Last month, Roku announced it was officially rebranding its Quibi content collection as Roku Originals. Buckle up, because those series are officially set to hit the platform next week.

Roku said today that its wisely rebranded “originals” will premiere May 20 in the U.S., U.K., and Canada. (Stay tuned for where they’ll end up in Australia.)

This year, more than 75 titles and a dozen previously unreleased series will premiere on the Roku Channel as free, ad-supported content. The content itself is a mixed bag of comedy, drama, documentary, as well as unscripted series. To the best of my memory, given roughly 400 years have passed since Quibi’s launch, at least some of them were actually good.

Quibi threw a whole lot of money toward luring high-profile talent to the service for its originals. Kevin Hart, Anna Kendrick, Liam Hemsworth, Chance the Rapper, and Jennifer Lopez are just a handful of names the service managed to land before the service eventually went up in flames. A full list of the shows coming to the platform can be seen right here, but the trailer above should give you a rough idea of what you’re in for.

I, for one, will absolutely be tuning in again for Murder House Flip, a show that’s at once entertaining and completely unhinged. Very much looking forward to being able to stream it on an actual TV rather than my phone (it did eventually roll out support for larger screens, but arguably far too late). I’m sure as hell not going to miss that chaotic Turnstyle feature, either.