Ragnarok’s Season 2 Trailer Screams Loudly and Carries a Small Hammer

Ragnarok’s Season 2 Trailer Screams Loudly and Carries a Small Hammer

Though the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s take on Norwegian gods like Loki has shaped the way many people think of them, the first season of Netflix’s Ragnarok brought its own spins on the deities to the small screen meant to put more emphasis on the original myths and legends that first brought them to life. The season two trailer reveals what’s in store for the group this time around.

Rather than leading with action, Ragnarok’s first season followed as high schooler Magne Seier (David Stakston) learned of his true identity as a reincarnation of Thor and came to understand that his living in the fictional Norwegian town of Edda was no mere coincidence. As Magne began to come into his power and take on a family of frost giants, his burgeoning godhood gave him a new sense of purpose that grew and became more focused as the season progressed.

By the first season’s finale, Magne had only just managed to properly wield his powers over lightning for the first time, which was a bit anticlimactic in a series meant to be about the destruction of the world. From the looks of Ragnarok’s new season two trailer, the show plans to pick up more or less right where it left off with a renewed focus on upping the action and introducing some important elements of Magne-as-Thor’s lore.

Alone as Magne’s largely felt through his journey, the new trailer establishes that more gods from the Norse pantheon are orbiting around the young hero who, despite getting better with his powers, also decides that it’s high time he gets his hands on a trusty hammer. When the hammer actually shows up in the trailer, you can certainly see what Ragnarok’s going for when the young god hurls it, and it’s…interesting, in a word. Given Ragnarok’s emphasis on ecological sources as a world-ending threat, the show’s relative groundedness makes a certain amount of sense, but whether the new season’s story as a whole will work is something viewers will have to wait to figure out.

Ragnarok hits Netflix on Thursday, May 27.