Open Channel: Let’s Celebrate This Guy’s 77th Birthday

Open Channel: Let’s Celebrate This Guy’s 77th Birthday

Seventy-seven years ago a man was born who would release a movie in 1977 that would change the face of the world. He’d do a few other things too. That man’s name is George Lucas. Today, May 14, is his birthday, and we’ve love you all to celebrate.

It’s almost too difficult to list all of the ways Lucas has changed the world. Star Wars, of course, is the easiest one. Nothing you think of that has happened as a result of that franchise would have happened if he didn’t create it. So Boba Fett, Baby Yoda, Han Solo, lightsabers, Mandalorians, Hera Syndulla — while he didn’t create all of those things himself, all of them are still a result of his work.

Beyond the things in the Star Wars universe, think of everything that branches off from it in the real world. Because of Star Wars, Lucas changed filmmaking with the creation of Industrial Light and Magic, a company that has gone on to create some of the most memorable effects in film and television: Jurassic Park, Terminator 2, Harry Potter, Back to the Future, hundreds more, all thanks to Lucas.

Take it a step from there. ILM was where a team of graphic designers branched out, were acquired by Steve Jobs, and created a company called Pixar. Pixar exists because of Lucas. Beyond even Pixar, think about all the kids who saw Star Wars and it inspired them to become filmmakers, actors, writers, whatever. I myself have frequently used my experience and passions about Star Wars to help further my career and life. So you’d probably not be reading this right now if it wasn’t for Lucas.

It goes on and on and on. So many of the toys that have been sold in the past 50 years are because of the success Lucas had merchandising Star Wars. Not just Star Wars toys — basically all licensed toys. Oh, and on top of all that, he helped create Indiana Jones and THX, and he gives millions and millions of dollars to charity.

That’s just the tip of the Star Destroyer. It’s been a good 77 years for Lucas and, below, we’d love for you to share your favourite memory of the filmmaker. Or maybe what you think first when you think of him.