There’s A $13.50 Calculator App On The Nintendo eShop Now

There’s A $13.50 Calculator App On The Nintendo eShop Now

Need to do some quick maths and also waste $13.50? Well, you’re in luck because there’s now a $10 calculator app for Nintendo Switch.

In what has otherwise been a quiet moment for Nintendo lovers, a $10 calculator app has appeared to give you an excuse to waste money. You know, on the off chance that you don’t have a mobile phone, access to literally any computer or a physical calculator.

As spotted by Eurogamer, the new app – entitled ‘Calculator’ – does what it says on the tin, really. It calculates.

Need to know what 5×4 is? This is the app for you.

“A scientific calculator with a clear easy-to-read multi-line display, which should help with those not-so-easy-to-do maths problems,” the eShop description reads, as if you didn’t already know what a calculator does. “Calculator has an appealing modern and practical design, sure to be popular with all students and engineers.”

Visually, it looks like you’ve jailbroken a Nintendo Switch and loaded it up with iOS software from 2007, featuring the classic black, brown and orange colour scheme that is sure to bring back flashbacks of cheating on your high school maths test on your iPod Touch.

Granted, it’s not an official Nintendo app (although it would be incredibly on-brand for Nintendo to slap Mario on a calculator and charge you that much for it), the app is developed by Sabec. But my point remains: THIRTEEN DOOLARS FIFTY.

We can’t have a Netflix or Spotify app, but we can have a $13.50 calculator app that literally nobody asked for.

Personally, I am probably just going to stick to using my iPhone or computer calculator, but if you somehow have a need for a Nintendo Switch-specific calculator, this is now available to you.

You can purchase it on the Nintendo Switch eShop here, but this is by no means a recommendation that you should spend $10 on a calculator app.