28-Year-Old Woman Infiltrates High School to Beef Up Her Instagram and Seriously, WTF?

28-Year-Old Woman Infiltrates High School to Beef Up Her Instagram and Seriously, WTF?
Screenshot: WSVN/CBS Miami, Fair Use

Surely there are easier ways to pad your following on Instagram than trespassing on high school grounds while disguised as a teenager. That apparently did not occur to a 28-year-old Florida woman who was arrested after infiltrating a school in Miami-Dade County for the Gram on Monday.

Really? That was your plan? Really?

The grown-arse woman in question, Audrey Francisquini, allegedly snuck into American Senior High School with a backpack, a “painting under one arm and a skateboard under the other,” according to the Washington Post. Police say she walked the halls of the school handing out fliers advertising her Instagram account before her cover was blown. Police reports state she was confronted by school security and gave the excuse that she was looking for the registration office, but continued to prowl the halls with fliers before being again confronted by security, CBS Miami reported. Francisquini fled but was subsequently arrested and charged with felony trespassing, misdemeanour interfering with a school, and nonviolently resisting arrest. One imagines handing out fliers with her social media handle on it didn’t exactly help her evade the authorities.

Francisquini is a former police officer who was fired from her job in DeKalb County, Georgia when she was arrested for allegedly accessing a female colleague’s social media accounts to post revenge porn. As of the time of the incident, she worked for Carnival Cruise lines.

According to the Post, her trip to the school somehow managed to be almost as creepy as Never Been Kissed, a 1999 movie where Drew Barrymore infiltrates a high school as an undercover reporter and is later joined in the ruse by her brother, played by David Arquette, who attends prom in his underwear:

A student told the station that Francisquini was showing off her Instagram feed, which featured videos and several images of her wearing a “devil’s mask.”

“It’s crazy. It’s very creepy,” the student said. The station showed videos from her account, in which Francisquini wore a sinister red mask with pointy ears and black horns.

She could have also got the idea from that meme of Steve Buscemi asking “How do you do, fellow kids?”, though in that case, his character was an undercover drug cop.

While surrounded by police at her home, she continued to post to Instagram, according to WSVN.

“I legit have I don’t know how many cops outside right now of my house,” Francisquini said in an Instagram Story. “I’m not going outside at all.”

In court, WSVN reported, Francisquini shook her head while prosecutors read the allegations against her and was advised by her public defender not to continue blabbing about the incident on camera:

“She was carrying a skateboard, a painting, dressed similar to students to try and blend in with — as soon as you shake your head right now,” a prosecutor said.

“Ma’am, stop doing that,” Francisquini’s public defender advised… “If someone shoves a camera in your face, just don’t talk about this,” Francisquini’s public defender said before she left court.

Seriously? Wannabe social media influencers have pulled some absolutely bizarre stuff over the years, ranging from driving their cars blindfolded to eating Tide Pods to dipping their testicles in soy sauce and lighting their homes on fire, but this one is something else.

Francisquini is out on a $US2,000 ($2,587) bond, and Miami-Dade County Public Schools has said the “unfortunate incident” is under review, according to the Post.