I Was Today Years Old When I Learned You Can Rent LEGO

I Was Today Years Old When I Learned You Can Rent LEGO
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From childhood through to adulthood, LEGO is one of life’s joys. When our team was reminiscing about the great times we’d had with LEGO, we found one of the biggest inhibitors stopping us all from buying more of it was space.

I thought I was onto something when I suggested there be some sort of LEGO rental service. It would let you have all the fun of building the set and then you’d be able to swap it for a new one without it taking up precious shelf or table space in your house.

As it turns out, someone else thought this was a good idea too because LEGO subscription services are a real thing.

A LEGO subscription? Tell me more

It’s a great idea, right? You can get subscriptions for TV, food and even toilet paper, so why not LEGO?

Doing a basic internet search for LEGO rental or subscription companies will yield plenty of results.

A specific LEGO rental service operating in Australia is CreativeBuild. There are a number of different plan options to suit your needs and all of them include free delivery and returns.

The service will deliver LEGO to your door each month, allow you time to build your creation and then return the set in exchange for a new one next month.

These are bonafide LEGO sets too. You can build a wishlist and choose from a range of themed boxes including Star Wars, Disney, Harry Potter, Architecture and more.

Plans start at $37 a month for two sets delivered together every two months, $42 a month for one set every month, and $57 for two sets delivered together every month.

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy the fun of building a LEGO set you either can’t afford or don’t have the space to keep, LEGO rental is the way to go.

If you’d rather keep your bricks at the end, there are options for that too.

The Brick Box is part of a wider global subscription box service but is one option for getting building bricks delivered to your door each month. Take note, these are not specifically LEGO sets, they’re a brand known as BRICKS which do essentially the same thing, but with less of the themed designs.

It’s more of a freestyle design challenge with you choosing what you want to create out of the bricks that month. Each box does come with challenges and design ideas if you’re really stuck.

Subscriptions go for $22 for one month, $66 for three months, $132 for six months and $242 for 12 months, after conversion costs.

I will now be reliving my LEGO childhood as an adult, and with this information hopefully, you can too!

If you’re looking for some LEGO suggestions or hot deals for your next build we’ve got you covered.