Watch A Sketchy Suspended Swimming Pool Instantly Flood A Parking Garage

Watch A Sketchy Suspended Swimming Pool Instantly Flood A Parking Garage

Everybody wants a swimming pool, at least until its thousands of gallons of chemical-laden water come splashing down through the ceiling of the parking garage it was precariously built above. Which is exactly what was captured on video in Brazil this week.

The video, shared on DailyMotion, YouTube and Reddit, shows CCTV footage from the pool and the inside of the parking garage of a building in Vitória, Brazil. The moment that the floor of the swimming pool collapsed, around 10 p.m. on April 22, is clearly visible. It appears nobody was injured.

In the video, we see the entire bottom of the pool fall out, all at once and pretty much in one giant piece, into the parking garage below. The cut to the garage shows the gushing water moving powerfully enough to shift the parked cars around in their spots.

Reddit user leandroas, who originally posted a copy of the video to the website, followed up his post with a comment claiming that the building, constructed in 2018, had to be evacuated following the incident. The building’s original construction company is said to be paying for the relocation, and the poster claims residents of the building will be able to return April 27.

The pool was constructed to take advantage of a space above the entrance ramp from the street into the underground garage. Photos posted to Twitter show the aftermath of the pool collapse. Should have installed a car wash, instead.