This New Google Chrome Feature Lets You Link To Highlighted Website Text

This New Google Chrome Feature Lets You Link To Highlighted Website Text

Google is about to launch a new ‘link to highlight’ Chrome 90 feature that lets you link straight to the part of a website you actually want.

What are highlighted links in Google Chrome 90?

It basically lets a user hyperlink to a specific piece of highlighted text, rather than just the whole webpage itself.

This is incredibly handy if you want to link to some information without forcing a person to scrub through an entire webpage.

It’s a great solution for sourcing material, not to mention everyday use if you’re in need of a TL;DR linking experience.

“Yesterday, I read a long article with an interesting data point I wanted to share with a colleague,” Chrome product manager, Kayce Hawkins, said in a blog post.

Instead of copying the link from the address bar, I used Chrome’s new ‘link to highlight’ feature.”

Hawkins goes onto explain how to do this. All you need to do is highlight the text you want to link to, right click, select ‘copy link to highlight’ and then send the link to whoever you want.

If all goes to plan, someone should be able to click on this link and be taken straight to the relevant section. In addition, that section should be highlighted for ease of use.

If this sounds at all familiar its because this functionality was originally released as a Chrome browser extension back in 2020.

It was previously called Link to Text Fragment and was available for Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

The feature is still currently rolling out on desktop and Android so you might not have access to it yet. After conducting a Chrome update on MacOS it still did not work for me.

According to Hawkins it will be coming to iOS soon.