This 1KG Stainless Steel Dock Ensures Apple’s MagSafe Charger Always Stays Put

This 1KG Stainless Steel Dock Ensures Apple’s MagSafe Charger Always Stays Put
Image: Nomad

The iPhone 12’s new MagSafe charging is a marquee feature, but there’s one thing no one ever mentions: Separating the phone from a charger isn’t effortless, which means when you reach for the device and forget it’s being charged, you can yank the cable a little too hard. Nomad’s solution to the problem is a 1 kg solid steel dock for Apple’s wireless charger that harnesses gravity to easily break MagSafe’s magnetic embrace.

The MagSafe Mount seems like it could be the simplest and most brute-force way to improve the usability of Apple’s MagSafe Charger without physically attaching the puck to the surface of a desk or a nightstand. Even installation seems easy enough. The MagSafe charger is dropped into a precision-cut hole in the top of the MagSafe Mount where it’s securely held in place by non-permanent microsuction tape that allows the puck to be removed as needed.

Gif: NomadGif: Nomad

The charging cable is then routed into the base of the MagSafe Mount, and that’s about all there is to it. When an iPhone 12 is placed on top it will automatically align and secure itself to the wireless charging puck, but when users go to grab their device, the force of gravity pulling down on the 1 kg stainless steel dock is stronger than the magnetic hold of MagSafe, ensuring everything except the phone remains firmly planted where it is.

Image: NomadImage: Nomad

It’s a simple solution, but a not cheap one at $US50 ($65). That doesn’t factor in the cost of any wireless charging hardware — all you’re getting is a hunk of heavy steel. So why not just use that microsuction tape to secure Apple’s MagSafe Charger directly to a desk or table? Well, repositioning the charger when an adhesive is involved isn’t as easy as moving around Nomad’s MagSafe Mount. There’s also the risk of the adhesive marring the finish of a desk or table. Nomad’s mount has a giant non-slip rubber grip on the bottom that should protect any surface it sits on.