The Google Play Movies & TV App Is Leaving Samsung And LG TVs

The Google Play Movies & TV App Is Leaving Samsung And LG TVs
Image: National Product Review

The Google Play Movies & TV app is being discontinued from some smart TV brands, including Samsung, LG, Vizio and Roku.

When is the Google Play Movies & TV being discontinued?

From June 16 in Australia the Google Play Movies & TV app will disappear from Samsung, LG, Vizio and Roku smart TVs.

Google quietly announced this in a Google Support post back in mid-March but it has only recently been properly noticed.

As Android TV, iOS and Apple TV aren’t mentioned it’s safe to assume the app will continue to function on these platforms.

It’s being replaced by YouTube, for now

Don’t worry, you won’t lose any of your past purchases. They will be transferred to the YouTube app, as will any credits you currently have.

But there is a downside. Your Watchlist will not transfer over to the YouTube app and family sharing support is also more limited. While any purchases you made with the Google Play Movies & TV app will still work, any made through the YouTube app will not allow Family Sharing.

It’s worth noting that this is likely a temporary solution for these specific platforms.

Last year Google TV began rolling out as a replacement for Google Play Movies & TV. It will most likely appear on these platforms in the future.

Here’s the full statement from Google:

Starting 6/15/2021, the Google Play Movies & TV app will no longer be available on Roku, Samsung, LG, and Vizio smart TVs. The YouTube app will be your new home for movies and shows.¹ Just log in with your Google account in the YouTube app today, you’ll have access to all of your past purchases, and will be able to browse, purchase, and rent new content.

Here are a few more things to be aware of:
  • All of your past purchases will be available on YouTube.
  • Your Google Play credits can be used on YouTube to make purchases.
  • Play Family Library purchases can be viewed on YouTube but purchases made on YouTube do not support family sharing. Purchases made from the Google Play Movies & TV website or app will continue to support family sharing.
  • Your Watchlist is not available on YouTube, but you can set up Playlists.
  • To learn more, please go to