What You Need To Know About Rutherford Falls, The Next Chapter In The ‘Schurverse’

What You Need To Know About Rutherford Falls, The Next Chapter In The ‘Schurverse’
Image: Peacock / Stan

Comfort sitcoms are what we all need in times of crisis. Whether it’s Schitt’s Creek, Parks and Recreation or Ted Lasso, we need TV shows that are sweet, reliable and funny. They’re the backbone of comedy. Luckily if you’re looking for the next big hit, it’s already arrived in the form of Rutherford Falls, the latest show from Parks and Recreation co-creator Michael Schur.

Like other shows in the ‘Schurverse’ (which includes The Office, The Good Place and other hits), Rutherford Falls is a wholesome comedy about small town life and the little moments that make us human. In this case, the show follows Ed Helms as Nathan Rutherford, a man obsessed with the legacy of his family as he attempts to preserve its history in a town waking up to its colonial past.

The show is notable not just for being hilarious and well-written, it also tackles incredibly deep issues like how America’s cultural identity often excludes Native American histories and stories.

Rutherford Falls aimed to change that, and the show began by hiring a writers’ room with five Native American writers — one of the largest number of Indigenous writers for a TV show ever. It’s a great achievement and one that shines through in the show’s story.

It means Rutherford Falls feels authentic, sincere and genuinely heartwarming. It’s a show with an important message about diversity, and it’s backed by the strength of everyone working behind the scenes.

Whether you’re just looking to be entertained or you want a sharp, clever show that’ll teach you something, Rutherford Falls is the ticket — and the best news is it’s already streaming in Australia.

Where to watch Rutherford Falls in Australia

rutherford falls stan
Image: Peacock / Stan

Rutherford Falls is currently streaming on Stan in Australia, with all 10 episodes of the first season now available.

It really is the best kind of escapist TV and if you’re already a fan of Parks and Recreation, The Office or The Good Place, it’s almost guaranteed to be your next big love.

Times are tough, and we need more TV shows like Rutherford Falls.