Release the Apple AirTags, Cowards

Release the Apple AirTags, Cowards
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It’s been a long and laborious journey for those of us waiting for Apple’s AirTags to be released.  Now it seems like they may finally make their debut at Apple’s Spring Loaded event tomorrow morning. But we have been betrayed so many times over the past year that hope is dwindling.

The AirTags are at their core Apple’s own version of the Tile — a Bluetooth tracking device that can be attached to an object so you can locate it whenever you want. This could be your keys, dog collar, bag, whatever.

According to reports they will contain a replaceable battery and users will be able to activate multiple AirTags available on their Apple account simultaneously.

The legend of the AirTags began in early 2020 when they got a mention in the iOS 14 source code. This led people to believe that the product would most likely get released sometime to 2o20.

This theory was strengthened when Apple accidentally leaked the AirTags on YouTube in March, 2020.

Since the leak, every time an Apple event reared its head in 2020, enthusiasts expected them to drop. But they never did.

They didn’t make an appearance at WWDC, nor the three hardware-focused events that Apple held towards the end of the year.

Since them, Samsung has beat Apple to the punch by releasing its own version of the AirTags back in January, the  Galaxy SmartTag. There are two versions of the Galaxy SmartTag — one that uses Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy (LE) and the SmartTag+ which utilises leverages Ultrawide Band (UWB).

However, it is yet to launch in Australia.

And so now we come to yet another Apple event. This time around new iPad Pros are said to be the star of the show, and there’s hope that the AirTags will make an appearance, too.

According to renowned tech analyst and leaker, Jon Prosser, it might just happen.

Back in February Prosser tweeted about the AirTags coming in March, which was when the latest Apple event was originally pegged for.

“AirTags are still on for March. Haven’t heard of any further delays this time,” Prosser said in a tweet.

He also said that they would debut alongside the new iPad Pro, which we know will be dropping tomorrow. So perhaps we really do still have reason to still believe.

And if the AirTags don’t appear, I propose a revolt.

Disclosure: the author owns shares in Apple.