That Annoying PS5 Bug With Samsung TVs Is Finally Fixed

That Annoying PS5 Bug With Samsung TVs Is Finally Fixed
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The PlayStation 5 received its first hefty system update in some time this week. Alongside its ability to (finally) transfer PS5 games to external storage, the console also got a couple of other handy upgrades. This included a fix to bring the PS5’s full HDR power to Samsung TVs.

What’s the PS5 x Samsung TV problem?

Shortly after the PS5 was released users began reporting issues that their consoles were unable to deliver 4K resolution and 120Hz while also running HDR on their Samsung TVs. This was disappointing for many who couldn’t unlock the true next-gen power of their new consoles on their current TVs.

At the time the only solution was for players to choose between 4K at 120Hz in SDR or 4K at 60Hz in HDR.

Samsung acknowledged that this issue was impacting a handful of models from the 2020 TV lineup. It also said that the fix would come in the form of a system software update to PS5 consoles sometime in March.

The issue is now fixed

Well, it’s a month late but the good news is that the April PS5 update has resolved this HDR issue with Samsung TVs.

While the fix isn’t listed amongst the patch notes in the update, Forbes was able to confirm that Sony’s latest system update fixes this problem.

It seems that installing the PS5 update automatically fixes the compatibility issue and no settings on the TV or the PS5 need to be changed.

This system update also adds a new option to its settings menu that allows players to “Enable 120 Hz output” automatically, or disable it if they have issues with running this output rate on certain games.

Remember that in order to get the best visuals from your PS5 you should be using the HDMI 2.1 cable that came with your console, or a similarly compatible HDMI 2.1 cord.

Forbes also suggests that if the update hasn’t fixed this issue you should check that your Samsung TV has ‘Input Signal Plus’ mode activated in its External Device Manager menu.

For HDR fans it’s a big relief to know that their hard-earned next-gen console can finally reach its full potential.