Here’s Some Marvel Characters As Birds, Who Are You To Resist?

Here’s Some Marvel Characters As Birds, Who Are You To Resist?
Photo: Leo Tukker

A hero has emerged from the bowels of the internet to gift us with some truly heart-warming content. If you’re having a bit of a shit day, might I recommend you check out a bunch of Marvel characters and their bird equivalents.

Is this easy clickbait? Sure. But if like me you are suffering from the mid-week blues and could use a wholesome Marvel x ornithology crossover event, you’re welcome.

This thread was put together by Dr Alex Evans — a science educator, speaker & writer from the United Kingdom.

And as we have already strongly suggested, the thread consists of Evans assigning a Marvel character with a bird that looks like them. And some of the results are truly alarming, in the best possible way.

We also appreciate that Evans gives attribution to the photographer of each bird photograph. You simply must stan a credit-giving king.

Evans starts off strong with Scarlet Witch, who he compares to the beautiful red crested finch.

There are 21 tweets in total and while they’re all pretty damn good, I have a few favourites I’d like to share.

At the top of my list is Groot, who has been compared to the African scops owl. This cutie looks like a literal piece of wood, so its easy to see the resemblance.

Second in line for me is this spot on comparison of Red Skull to the Magellanic woodpecker. Look how ominous that thing is. I’m pretty sure it just planted evidence on some poor unsuspecting patsy.

Yondu as a Southern cassowary is also beautifully extra.

Of course, Evans made the artistic choice to save the best for last. If you scroll to the bottom of the thread you will find Iron Man compared to an ordinary hen egg. And honestly, fair.

Thank for your service, Dr Evans.