Massage Guns for Under $100, so You Have One Less Thing to Stress About

Massage Guns for Under $100, so You Have One Less Thing to Stress About
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Massage guns are having a hot, hot minute in the sun right now (and for good reason). With all our daily stresses, sometimes we need something to pummel the tension away. If you’re looking for one of the best massage guns in Australia that also fall under a reasonable price point, we’ve got you covered.

There are massagers out there for all kinds of body aches and pains. From ones that are specifically designed to ease the stress tension in your neck, to ones that will help work on the poor circulation in your legs or constant hand cramps. Depending on your circumstances, these devices may not fully cure your muscle pains, but they can definitely help to bring you some form of relief.

One of the big massage trends of late has been the notorious massage gun. While Theragun has established itself as one of the big brands when it comes to massage guns, the considerable price tag attached to its products, which range from $349 to $899, can be a bit hard to validate. Being able to work out your stress knots and muscle tension shouldn’t be limited by your budget.

Thankfully, there are more cost efficient options for massagers out there. Here are a few of the top-rated (and currently discounted) massagers in Australia to get your hands on.

Naipo Mini Athlete Massage Gun, was $79.99, now $59.99 (save $20 with coupon)

Naipo is a well-respected name in the massage game and their mini gun is no exception. Weighing in at 0.4kg, this gun was built for portability and speed. It’s also significantly quieter than other guns on the market if noise is a concern, it’s even said to be quieter than a human conversation. The Naipo percussion massager sold out last week on Amazon, with these expected to do the same.

RENPHO Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager, was $76.49

It may be small but this is one powerful gun. The RENPHO is fitted with a custom-designed brushless motor which works to leave a deeper impact on your muscles. The product life of these motors is said to be 10x longer than other models so you know they’re built to last.

B & G Deep Tissue Massage Gun, was $99.99, now $69.99 (save $30 with coupon)

This gun’s best feature is without a doubt its smart AI chip. Essentially, the more pressure you place on a particular body part, the gun will automatically know to increase the current setting, becoming more powerful. Given the price point, it’s a very clever feature that many have grown to love.

ALDOM Massage Gun, $99.99

This is one of the top rated massage guns in Australia so it has the tick of approval from people around the country. It just scrapes in under the $100 mark, coming with 6 different massage heads and 30 speed levels. This means you can tailor your massage experience to your exact needs depending on your tension points.

MECO 20 Speed LED Touch Screen Muscle Massage Gun, $78 

This guns quick-charge capabilities make it a standout for the $78 price tag. Juice it up for 1.5 hours and enjoy 5 hours of massage time to alleviate your tired muscles.

BURNNOVE Massage Gun, $69.99

This massage gun comes with 99 adjustable speeds which far exceeds the industry standard of 20-30. If tailoring your experience each time is important to you, this is definitely a gun to consider. It’ll also provide up to 10 hours of massage time after 4-5 hours of charge making its battery capacity another selling point.

RENPHO Handheld Back Massager, $35.99

This handheld deep-tissue massager is the perfect way to unwind after a long day hunched over at a desk. It comes fitted with an optional heating function which intensifies the massage even further and helps with pain relief.

Jollyfit Mini Muscle Massage Gun, $79.99, now $72.99 (save $7 with coupon)

Fitted with 6 different massage heads, this gun comes with a storage pouch and compact charger making it a great option for people looking to ease tension on-the-go.