The Boston Dynamics Robot Dog Now Delivers Golden Beer Showers

The Boston Dynamics Robot Dog Now Delivers Golden Beer Showers
Michael Reeves / Youtube

Thought the Boston Dynamics robot dog couldn’t possibly get any more cursed? Well, he now pees beer.

YouTuber Michael Reeves managed to get some sweet one-on-one time with Spot, the Boston Dynamics robot dog and well, he taught it how to pee beer.

For reasons still unclear to anyone, Reeves decided to fit Spot out with a beer keg, a nozzle, a camera and a wireless HDMI signal transmitter — all for the purpose of teaching this dog to pee beer into an empty cup on the floor.

It’s pretty impressive, if you can manage to look past the whole pee thing. I mean, who doesn’t want a robot that can pour (or piss) you an icy cold glass of beer?

Thanks to some expert programming and a whole lot of patience, Reeves taught Spot to identify an empty beer cup on the floor, position himself on top of it and, well, fill it up.

I’m not quite sure who would want to drink the beer that comes out the other end, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Unfortunately, the gimmick has its fair share of issues, with Spot missing the cup, then proceeding to slip on the now beer-covered floor on multiple occasions.

We wouldn’t recommend trying this at home, on account of the fact that these robot dogs cost a casual $US75,000 (plus the cost of the beer-peeing upgrade).

And I’m still wholly convinced that they’ll take over the world and we’ll bow down to our canine overlords in a few years.

But if you’re interested in watching Reeves build this beer-pissing masterpiece, he has uploaded the whole process to his YouTube channel.