28 Neon Signs That Are Worthy Of A Wall In Your House

28 Neon Signs That Are Worthy Of A Wall In Your House
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If you’re looking for a cool way to spice up your living space without having to do something drastic and time-consuming (ahem, DIY-just-about-anything), try adding a light up neon sign to your space. 

Neon signs and lights are having a real moment in the design world right now. According to Pinterest, there’s been a huge increases in searches for ‘Neon Rooms’, ‘Blue LED Lights Bedrooms’ and ‘Mirrors with LED Lights’ thanks to the TikTok obsessed-Gen Z’s. And it’s easy to see why, they’re a simple way to drench your walls in colour without having to break out a paintbrush, and instantly brighten up the mood of any room. 

You can get everything from animals, planets, stars, hearts and fruit, right through to words and sayings like ‘Love’, ‘Dream’ and ‘Good Vibes Only’. They’re also super easy to install with a lot of them being USB, battery-powered or plug-and-go, meaning the most heavy-lifting you’ll have to do is simply deciding where to put them. 

Ahead, we’ve rounded up a range of neon signs and lights that cater to all styles and budgets, so you can find the perfect one to breathe new life into your space. 

Galaxy and element themed neon signs 

Think shapes like planets, clouds, lightening bolts, the sun and moon. 

Planet Neon Sign

Orhomelife Planet Neon Light Signs, $21.40

Pink Moon Neon Sign

YAOZHOU LED Pink Moon Neon Light, $24.99 

Blue Lightening Bolt Neon Sign

XIYUNTE Blue Neon Light Lightning Bolt, $14.99

Cloud Shaped Neon Sign

Colording Cloud Shaped Neon Sign, $21.99

Alien Neon Sign

Alien Neon Sign, $29


Neon signs with words and sayings

Think words like love and dream, as well as sayings like ‘bad habits’ and ‘good vibes only’. 

‘Bad Habits’ Neon Sign 

LiQi Bad Habits Neon Sign, $100.14

‘Good Vibes Only’ Neon Sign 

ADVPRO Good Vibes Only Hand Neon Light, $89.99

‘Love’ Neon Sign

MorTime Love Neon Signs, $26.99

‘Do What You Love’ Neon Sign

LiQi Do What You Love Neon Light Sign, $84.50

‘Dream’ Neon Sign

APROTII LED Dream Neon Light Sign, $42.02

‘Blessing’ LED Sign

Welltell Blessing LED Sign, $109.35


Quirky shaped neon lights 

Think shapes like lips, sneakers, hearts, rainbows and cactus’. 

Lip Shaped Neon Sign 

MorTime Lip Shaped Neon Signs, $23.08

Cactus Shaped Neon Sign 

XIYUNTE Cactus Light Neon Signs, $24.99

Sneaker Shaped Neon Sign

ADVPRO Sneaker Shoe LED Neon Sign Red & Blue, $89.99

Heart Shaped Neon Sign 

OSALADI Heart Shaped Neon Sign, $26.67

Rainbow Shaped Neon Sign 

XIYUNTE LED Rainbow Night Lights, $29.90


Neon signs for your home bar 

Think beer and cocktail signs.

It’s 5:00 Somewhere Neon Sign

It’s 5:00 Somewhere Neon Sign, $149.99

Beer Light Neon Sign

LiQi BEER Real Glass Neon Light Sign, $149.99

Cocktails and Dreams Neon Sign 

LiQi Cocktails and Dreams Real Glass Neon Light, $149.99

Cocktails Neon Sign 

LiQi COCKTAILS Real Glass Neon Light Sign, $149.99


Cute food shaped neon signs

Think yummy foods like bananas, pineapples and ice creams. 

Pineapple shaped neon light

XIYUNTE LED Pineapple Neon Light Signs, $29.99

Banana Shaped Neon Sign 

iceagle Banana LED Neon Sign, $53.11

Ice Cream Shaped Neon Sign 

iceagle Ice Cream LED Neon Sign, $79.90

Animal themed neon lights 

Think cute animal signs like cats, unicorns, dinosaurs and whales.

Cat Shaped Neon Sign 

QiaoFei Cute Neon Cat Light, $29.99

Dinosaur Neon Sign 

QiaoFei Neon Light LED Dinosaur Sign, $29.99

Unicorn Neon Sign

XIYUNTE Unicorn Lights Neon Signs, $28.99

Whale Neon Sign 

Yanling LED Whale Neon Sign, $20.36

Bat Shaped Neon Sign 

IMTTST&R Red Bat Neon Night Light, $29.99

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