Secret Australian Retailer To Resell Aussie Broadband Services

Secret Australian Retailer To Resell Aussie Broadband Services

Aussie Broadband has begun offering a white label service to retailers that want to resell their NBN, Opticomm and VoIP services. The ISP has already signed its first business which is said to have 3 million customers across Australia.

Aussie Broadband resells its internet services

Aussie Broadband announced its new white label solution on Tuesday. This will allow large retail businesses to resell Aussie Broadband services under their own brand names.

Aussie will provide customer support, service delivery, account and credit management for these white label accounts.

According to Aussie Broadband, it has already signed its first customer but is unable to disclose who for commercial partnership reasons. However, it did state that the company in question has three million customers across the country.

As part of this agreement Aussie Broadband will transfer over 25,000 customers on its broadband and VoIP services over to the retailer’s network.

This will come into effect early in FY22.

“We have built scalability into our network and support platform to take on additional white label customers as it is an important pillar in Aussie Broadband’s growth strategy,” Aussie Broadband Managing Director,Phillip Britt, said in a press release.

“The market is evolving as we’re seeing a number of well-known Australian retail brands across several industries either looking to expand into telecommunication services under their own label, or needing a higher quality customer experience for their existing telco customer base to match their brand promise.”

“Our excellent reputation in the industry and our new white label capability makes Aussie Broadband a logical choice for any major retailer looking for a high-quality telco product. It gives us access to an alternative channel to grow our market share with residential and business connections.”

This news was part of Aussie Broadband’s quarterly figures announcement, which also revealed that the company added more than 30,000 new connections in Q3 of FY21.

This has brought the company’s customer base up to 373,000 across the country.