Apple Magic Mouse Has 7 New Colours, Same Shitty Charger

Apple Magic Mouse Has 7 New Colours, Same Shitty Charger

Apple has announced a number of swanky new products as part of its Spring Event today, including the new M1 iPad Pros and a bunch of brightly coloured iMacs that make my heart sing. But in addition to the big-ticket items, Apple also dropped a number of new colour-matched accessories to accompany the new iMacs. Including the mouse.

Naturally, as a huge Apple simp I was excited to see the new and improved Magic Mouse in full-colour. But that was until I realised they didn’t fix the gaping issue we’ve been battling for YEARS now.


magic mouse
THIS!!! WILL! BE! THE! DEATH! OF! ME! ARGHHHHHH (Image: Pedestrian.TV)

Even if you’re a diehard Android/Windows shopper, you have to admit that Apple is a pioneer when it comes to design. Every phone, laptop, desktop and accessory is perfectly designed like it was hand-picked right out of the MoMA.

Literal art.

Heck, just take a look at the new colours you can buy to match your iMac and keyboard. They’re stunning.

Apple Magic Mouse Has 7 New Colours, Same Shitty Charger

But considering how many complaints have been made on social media, Apple would finally fix the glaring issue that makes every Apple user in the office let out a very loud “ughhhhhhhh” every few weeks when they inevitably need to charge their mouse and are out of action for a few minutes.

We are truly living in 2021 and this is what they give us?

Literally, who asked for this? Just give us a charging port we can actually use. I am begging you.

Take it back and try again.

Granted, the mouse only takes two minutes to charge for a full nine-hour workday, so it’s not that much of an inconvenience in the grand scheme of things. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a massive design flaw.

Sure, I can let my Magic Mouse charge while I treat myself to a coffee break, but what about the time it takes me to calm down from thinking about how ridiculous this design is? Is Tim Cook going to personally reimburse me for that wasted time?

I feel personally victimised by this mouse.

Although Apple has broken my heart with today’s non-announcement, it does make me question what’s next for the little ol’ Magic Mouse. Perhaps wireless charging? We can only hope.