Siri’s A Snitch

Siri’s A Snitch

Siri just spilled the beans on when Apple’s April event is. Apparently the assistant hasn’t heard that snitches get stitches.

Dammit, Siri

Asking when Apple’s next event ism Siri replies by saying “The special event is on Tuesday, April 20, at Apple Park in Cupertino, CA. You can get all the details on”

For Australians that’s April 21, but you get the picture.

Now look, this was obviously a cute Easter egg designed to drop the news. Plus, press invites and social media posts from Apple soon followed.  But calling Siri a Snitch is fun and I don’t see anyone stopping me.

The Apple April event is nearly here

The event has been titled ‘Spring Loaded‘ and we already know that an updated iPad Pro will be a big focus. Rumours suggest that they will include Mini-LED for improved brightness, as well as a slightly thicker body and a new A14X chip.

There’s even suggestions that the new iPad Pro could have 5G functionality to match last year’s iPhone 12 lineup.

We’re also hoping that the long-awaited AirTags will finally see the light of day.

On the software side we can most likely expect to see iOS 14.5 drop. It will bring with it the ability to unlock your iPhone with a mask on as well as App Tracking Transparency.

The latter with require companies to ask permission to track data across apps and websites.

“We think that some number of people, I don’t know how many, don’t want to be tracked like that,” Apple CEO Cook said about this change. “And they should be able to say they don’t.”

Companies like Facebook are not a fan of this huge privacy change due to the impact this will have on targeted advertising. The company has stated this will make the internet more expensive.

But giant tech company feuds aside, it should be an interesting event and we’re looking forward to see what Apple has in store for us next week.

And you can watch it all unfold right here:

Disclosure: the author owns Apple shares.