Apple AirTags Have Created a Whole New World of Accessories

Apple AirTags Have Created a Whole New World of Accessories
Screenshot: Apple

Apple’s little Bluetooth location-tracking AirTags are finally here and ready to be attached to your key rings, luggage handles, or whatever else you tend to lose and would very much like to find again. Sure, you can absolutely buy an AirTag and throw it in a bag without any covering whatsoever, but you’ll probably want to slip it inside an accessory that’s more easily visible when it’s lost.

Adding an accessory to the $45 price of the AirTag itself makes Apple’s newest device more of an investment. Apple, of course, has a lineup of branded accessories for the AirTag, but if you don’t want just a regular keychain — or maybe you don’t want to spend $45 for one — there are plenty of third-party accessories for the AirTag already available to preorder.

Belkin keyring

Fun and affordable. (Image: Belkin)Fun and affordable. (Image: Belkin)

Belkin is usually one of the first accessory makers for every new Apple product, the AirTag being no exception. Belkin offers a standard keyring and an adjustable strap, both of which retail for $20 (though they’re not yet available to purchase). They come in white, black, blue, and pink.

Nomad glasses strap

Never lose your sunglasses again!  (Image: Nomad)Never lose your sunglasses again! (Image: Nomad)

Summer is coming, so you’ll want to keep track of those sunglasses on your head. The Nomad AirTag Glasses strap is $50, or $40 if you preorder. The strap has a plastic capsule on the back for housing the AirTag, and the other ends feature universal attachments that glob onto the “arms” of your sunglasses. It comes in black and brown.

Spigen ruggedised keychain

The Spigen ruggedised keychain looks cool and snaps on real tight.  (Image: Spigen)The Spigen ruggedised keychain looks cool and snaps on real tight. (Image: Spigen)

Maybe your keys have a rugged vibe, and you want an AirTag accessory to boot. Spigen’s AirTag keychain is inspired by car design and clips on with a carabiner. There’s also a bottle opener on the side, which is truly useful. The keychain is $32, or $6 off if you preorder it.

Slide-on collar attachment

Keep the AirTag discrete in this metal buckle.  (Photo: Etsy)Keep the AirTag discrete in this metal buckle. (Photo: Etsy)

Etsy is already a destination for after-market AirTag accessories. If all you’re after is a simple keyring, there are many options retailing under $15. And like AirPod cases, they’re likely to get more creative when the trackers go on sale on April 30.

This slide-on collar attachment felt like it deserved an honorable mention, especially since it’s not just another keyring. This accessory lets you embed the AirTag into the buckle and then slide that onto a pet collar or belt.

Hermès luxury bag charm

This luxury accessory costs as much as nearly 10 AirTags.  (Image: Hermes/Apple)This luxury accessory costs as much as nearly 10 AirTags. (Image: Hermes/Apple)

And now for something on the opposite end of the price spectrum. Why not house your tracker in a high-fashion bag charm from French luxury designer Hermès? The company is known for its accessory collaborations with Apple over the years (specifically pricey Apple Watch bands). This bag charm retails for $390, though there’s also a $580 luggage tag and a $450 key ring available for purchase.

Ankishu Bluetooth tracker cover

Keep it cheap with this Walmart keyring.  (Image: Walmart)Keep it cheap with this Walmart keyring. (Image: Walmart)

For the budget-conscious, the Ankishi keychain cover is available through Walmart for $22. It comes in many different colours, including black, green, yellow, pink, red, brown, grey, blue, and beige. It’s worth considering if all you want to do is track your keys with the Apple AirTag, and you don’t want to spend a ton on the housing.

Moment AirTag mount

Stick these on anything you want an AirTag to track.  (Image: Moment)Stick these on anything you want an AirTag to track. (Image: Moment)

If you don’t plan to display your AirTag at all, Moment is making $20-$25 mounts made of different materials that you can stick inside of a bag, jacket, bike seat, and anything else you’re afraid will stray. The AirTag mounts are available in stretchy fabric or stiff plastic shell, and there’s even one that works on curved surfaces.

Apple accessories

Image: AppleImage: Apple

Just like there are a million third-party iPhone cases and yet sometimes you still end up buying a simple leather Apple case, so too are there Apple-branded AirTag accessories. They’re more expensive than the competition, but look very nice. There’s a leather key ring for $55, a leather loop for $59, and a loop made of sporty polyurethane material for $45, all available in various colours.