Woolies Is Flogging a 70GB Mobile Plan for Just $49, So Get in Quick

Woolies Is Flogging a 70GB Mobile Plan for Just $49, So Get in Quick
Image: The Office
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It’s easy to become complacent with an average mobile plan where you pay a bit too much for piddly amount of data. If this example hits a bit too close to home, it might be time you switch things up and grab a new provider. So how about a cheap SIM-only plan from the Fresh Food People?

Woolworths Mobile has just announced a brand new mobile plan that has some cracking good value. This SIM-only plan comes with a solid 70GB of mobile data for $49 per month.

This mobile plan is only available until March 24, so you’ve got a little under a month to make your decision. But a 70GB plan that’s powered by the Telstra network for only $49 is a pretty good value offer, and you’ll get to keep it for the life of your contract.

Speaking of the contract – there isn’t one, so you’re free to move to a different plan or provider if you need to.

One caveat we should mention is that Woolies Mobile uses Telstra’s wholesale network so it doesn’t have access to the 5G portion of the network.

You can check out the plan in the table below:

How does this Woolies Mobile plan stack up against others?

When compared to other SIM-only plans that have at least 60GB of data, you can really see the value of this Woolworth plan.

The plans with the closest monthly cost, CMobile and Southern Phone ($45 and $50, respectively), both offer 60GB of data each month.

Telstra’s medium SIM-only plan has 10GB more data, but it also costs $16 more each month. Considering this Woolies mobile plan is powered by the Telstra network, there’s better value in picking it over an actual Telstra plan.

You can see how this Woolworths Mobile plan compares to other providers below: