Updates From Marvel’s Loki, DC’s Naomi, and More

Updates From Marvel’s Loki, DC’s Naomi, and More
The clock's ticking for the Laufeyson. (Image: Marvel Studios)

Martin Freeman ponders his return for Black Panther 2. Godzilla and Kong get ready to rumble in even more Godzilla vs. Kong pictures. DC swears its BizarroTV anthology could still happen. To me, my spoilers!

Black Panther 2

During a recent interview with Collider, Martin Freeman confirmed he’ll reprise his role as Everett K. Ross in Black Panther 2.

Yeah, I am doing the second Black Panther. I’m going to be speaking to Ryan Coogler soon about what shape that’s going to look like. I have no idea about the script [so] I don’t know what’s going to happen. Just before Chadwick died, if my memory serves correctly, the script had gone in. They had the script and they were working on the script, and then Chadwick died, and [I] sort of immediately thought, ‘Oh, ok, I could see a world where there’s no Black Panther then, because how can you do a Black Panther without Black Panther?’ So, I still don’t know what that’s going to look like. And no, obviously, before Chad died, the idea of doing it without him would have been a stupid idea. It would have been crazy. It was very shocking, and still is very, very strange, that he is not here. So, I’m as curious as you are to see what that will look like and I find out quite soon. All I know is that I’m in it.

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The Stairs

Bloody-Disgusting reports John Schneider, Kathleen Quinlan, Adam Korson, Brent Bailey, and Stacey Oristano will star in The Stairs, a horror film about the disappearances surrounding a mysterious staircase deep in the forest. Hmm, we wonder if they read /nosleep.

Godzilla vs Kong

Bloody-Disgusting also has several new images from Godzilla vs Kong. Head over there to see the rest.

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An astronaut (Josh Peck) encounters multiple doppelgangers in a clip from the upcoming horror anthology, Doors.


Kaci Walfall has been cast as the titular character in Ava DuVernay’s Naomi adaptation at the CW. Cranston Johnson, Camila Moreno, and Alexander Wraith will co-star.


Deadline reports Roswell’s Jason Behr and Claude Knowlton have joined the cast of Supergirl’s final season. Knowlton will play “a mild mannered alien whose tragic past allows him to help the Superfriends with their mission at hand” while Behr has been cast as a “famous or noted Kryptonian who plays a significant role helping Kara when she faces circumstances beyond her control.” The names of each character are being kept under wraps.


According to TV Line there are no updates at this time on DC’s “mixed-media anthology series” BizarroTV — however, “it eventually coming to be is not off the table.”


Disney+ has released the first poster for its upcoming Loki series.

Resident Alien

Finally, Lost’s Terry O’Quinn comes to Resident Alien in the trailer for next week’s episode.

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