The Latest Cheeky Jailbreak Works On Most iPhones

The Latest Cheeky Jailbreak Works On Most iPhones

Here we go again. The latest iPhone jailbreak seems to work with the vast majority of devices, including iPhone 12.

This was unleashed by the UnC0ver team, which is renowned for its jailbreak tools, and was responsible for a huge jailbreak in 2020.

According to UnCover, the jailbreak works across iOS 11 through to iOS 14.3. This means that it should work with iPhone 5s devices and later, including the latest iPhone 12 phones.

“Un0cover v6.0.0 is NOW OUT,” a tweet from the group read. It followed this with another tweet referring to v6.0.1 being out which it said had improved support for iOS 14.

The group says that it used the same kernel vulnerability that Apple admitted was being exploited back in January. However, Apple also said that this, along with two other vulnerabilities, were fixed by the iOS 14.4 patch. Apparently not.

“We wrote our own exploit based on CVE-2021-1782 for #unc0ver to achieve optimal exploit speed and stability,” the group said on Twitter.

Jailbreaking iPhones is nothing new. Hackers have been doing this since the original iPhone, allowing users to have more control over their devices.

The iOS ecosystem is notoriously restricted. Unlike Android, iPhone users are far more limited in what they can do, such as customising the device and downloading apps from sources outside the App Store.

From Apple’s perspective, this is a security measure. A locked ecosystem is safer.

And to be fair, jailbreaking your iPhone can open it up to attacks. After all, hackers often are able to get into devices and even entire networks through unsecure devices. It’s why keeping your tech updated is so important.

On the flip side, you’re always going to find people who want to play around with the devices they have, including iPhones. This is especially true if they want to get around paying for some apps.

Apple is yet to comment on the latest jailbreak, but we expect it’s already working on shutting it down. Last year it had a fix in a matter of days.

Disclosure: the author owns shares in Apple.