The Boys TV Series Casts Little Nina to Shake Things Up

The Boys TV Series Casts Little Nina to Shake Things Up
Katia Winter as Freydis Eriksdottir in Legends of Tomorrow. (Screenshot: The CW)

Hmm, maybe “Vibrating Things Up” is more appropriate.

Deadline and other outlets report that Swedish actress Katia Winter will join The Boys season three. She’s actually has already appeared in one comic book TV series, playing the Viking Freydis Eriksdottir in a pair of Legends of Tomorrow episodes, but she also had recurring roles as Ichabod Crane’s less-than-loving wife in Sleepy Hollow.

In The Boys, Winter will play a rather infamous character from the original comic by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson: Little Nina, a diminutive Russian mob boss who has a fascination with vibrators. She’d been working with Vought to engineer a coup in Moscow with a mass of supes she created — using Compound V of course — as an army. I won’t spoil what happens to her, but rest assured it is extremely The Boys-ish and will almost certainly be depicted with total accuracy in the show (click here if you desperately want to know, but it’s quite the spoiler).

Winter will join Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles (who’ll play Soldier Boy) as new members of the series whenever The Boys returns to Amazon Prime.