Stargirl Reveals the First Look at Next Season’s Major DC Villain, Eclipso

Stargirl Reveals the First Look at Next Season’s Major DC Villain, Eclipso
Stargirl's got some serious competition in season two. (Image: The CW)

Although he’s one of the DC Comics universe’s most powerful supervillains, Eclipso has never managed to make the jump into live-action. That changes in the second season of Stargirl, in which Arrowverse alum Nick Tarabay will play the evil spirit of revenge.

TV Line debuted Eclipso’s reveal, which is pretty darned good if I do say so myself:

Image: The CW Image: The CW

He looks like someone cooked Marvel’s Hobgoblin in the microwave for too long, and I mean that as a good thing.

If “spirit of revenge” pricked your ears, then chances are you’re thinking of DC’s “spirit of vengeance,” the Spectre. Although Eclipso started out as a generic villain, his story became so complicated and his power so great that now he’s the being that caused the Great Flood — you know, of Noah and the ark fame — on God’s behalf before getting replaced by the Spectre. As the Eclipso wikipage points out, the Spectre killed the firstborn children of Egypt under God’s orders as well, which is technically irrelevant here, but absolutely fascinating and bewildering.

Nowadays, Eclipso spends his time hanging out in 100 black diamond shards and possessing whoever he can to spread evil and corruption, including the Atom’s ex-wife Jean Loring, who killed the Elongated Man’s wife Sue Dibny, kicked off the infamous Identity Crisis storyline in the comics. While it remains to be seen exactly what Eclipso’s origin and power set will be in Stargirl, the first season of the show ended with Courtney’s (Berc Bassinger) foe and classmate Cindy (Meg DeLacy), a.k.a. Shiv, also a.k.a the daughter of the Justice Society enemy Dragon King, finding either one of Eclipso’s diamonds or Eclipso’s entire diamond. Either way, it spells bad news for both Courtney and Cindy.

Tarabay, if you don’t remember, popped up a few times in Arrow as Captain Boomerang. I can’t imagine that Stargirl, which takes place in another section of the DC/CW multiverse from the main shows, would give Eclipso any connection to the traditional Flash villain, which would be fine as the idea sounds absolutely terrible. At any rate, expect Eclipso to give Stargirl a full season’s worth of trouble when the show returns this summer.