ALERT: Get Up To $239 Off Sony’s New XM4 Wireless Headphones Right Now

ALERT: Get Up To $239 Off Sony’s New XM4 Wireless Headphones Right Now
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The Sony WH-1000XM4 wireless headphones getting flogged right now for over $239 off at eBay.

You can buy them for $338 here if you’re an eBay plus member (use code PLUSTC15  at checkout), down from their RRP of $577.45, or at least $358.15 using the code PTECH10 if you’re not a member. If you miss out (there’s less than 100 left at eBay at time of writing), they’re also available at Amazon for $375.22.

These are now worth it

Sony’s XM4 wireless headphones are the follow-up to the much beloved XM3s. They’re my personal go-to headphones now and I couldn’t recommend them enough at this price.

In my recent review I said that the XM4s are great, but the upgrades are largely incremental. Two years after their release the XM3s are still god-tier and worth the price tag they usually rock now. My conclusion was that $550 is perhaps a bit steep for the XM4s without any huge improvements.

Here’s what I had to say in the review:

Still, $550-ish is a lot, not to mention $50 more expensive than the original XM3 price. But this is where you at least have a good choice to make.

If you just can’t justify spending that, you could just opt for the previous generation. The WH-1000XM3s go between $330 and $400 now. Not only that, they are still brilliant and have little competition two years on.

You’re still getting high quality sound and noise-cancellation, the battery life and design are the same and they were already 

I stand by that. But now the XM4s are down to $330-375 — the same price you’ll find their predecessors at. That’s a god damn steal considering the quality and how long they’ll be future-proofed for.