I’m Actually Shocked At Samsung’s New 8K TV Prices

I’m Actually Shocked At Samsung’s New 8K TV Prices
Samsung 8K NEO QLED. Image: Samsung

After debuting at CES back in January, Samsung’s new suite of sexy TVs have now arrived in Australia. This includes the 8K QLED Neo which has quite a surprising price tag attached.

Like with any new technology, being pricey is par for the course — especially when it comes to giant TVs.

Samsung Neo QLED 8K Price

And over the last couple of years, the few 8K tellies that have hit Australian shores certainly haven’t been cheap. Sitting around the $20,ooo mark was relatively normal, though some went well above that.

A mere 18 months ago LG was flogging an 88-inch 8K for $60,000. Samsung also had a whopping 98-inch 8K for $99,000 around the same time.

Sony also had a casual $26,000 8K TV that we ruined with ben Swolo memes.

But now the company has come into 2021 swinging with its stunning new Neo QLED 8Ks. And despite the new features, tech advancements and almost-bezel-free design… the price was below what I expected.

The top-of-the-line 85-inch QN900A costs $13,999. To put that into perspective, Samsung’s recent foray into high-end projectors isn’t far behind. Its big boi 4K Premier is $11,000.

And if you don’t need your 8K to be that big, you can pick up the 65-inch at $7,579.

I’m not saying that $14,000 is cheap, but it’s a really competitive price for a piece of stunning and future-proofed tech.

Plus, it’s by no means the only option. But we’ll get to that.

But perhaps this does make sense.

2020 saw brands like Google and Apple lower the prices of their flagship devices compared to 2019. It’s a smart move during a pandemic and allows to capture more potential users across pricing markets.

What’s new in Samsung’s NEO QLED 8K range?

samsung 8k neo qled

Samsung’s 2021 8K range is powered by a new light source — Quantum Mini LED. What thus translates to is blacker blacks, improved contrast and brighter colours.

Bearing witness to it was quite the experience. The picture and details were absolutely incredible, at least in a controlled showroom environment where the demo footage was shot natively in 8K.

I am really looking forward to putting it through its paces in a real world scenario to see how it handles upscaling lower quality content. I have high expectations, mostly due to how good the company has been at this in the past.

Also, because the Neo also has a new Quantum processor that’s capable of 120Hz refresh rates.

So I’m game if you are, Samsung. My Nintendo Switch and 720p YouTube videos are ready.

In terms of design the Neo 8K is 50 per cent thinner than the previous generation and practically bezel-less, which is hot. There is also a redesigned OneConnect Box that is slimmer and more chic.

It also comes with a new battery-free remote that is solar powered and built from recycled plastic.

On the sound front, it comes with Object Tracking Sound (first introduced in 2020) that reacts to object movement on-screen. It also offers SpaceFit Sound, which analyses the environment and customises the output for the space the TV is in.

There’s more than just 8K

samsung frame

If 8K isn’t your jam, Samsung had a ton of other new televisions on offer. This includes a bunch of 4K options, as well as a continuation of the company’s push into lifestyle-focused TVs.

Once again The Frame was front and centre, allowing users to mount their TV and turn it into a piece of artwork when it’s not in use. It’s still gorgeous, is even slimmer this year and has a range of customisable bezel options you can easily snap on and off to fit your home aesthetic.

We were also given another look at The Premier, Samsung’s smart projector, as well as the vertical Sero — which I still refer to as the TikTok TV.

The key takeaway is that Samsung is clearly striving to have an option for everyone, covering all manner of tech interests and tastes.

And if you didn’t believe me already, I welcome you to check out the full price list of every single new Samsung TV that just dropped in Australia.

The entire range is available from select stores and Samsung online now.

Neo QLED 8K (QN900A)

  • 85-inch: $13,999
  • 75-inch: $10,499
  • 65-inch: $7,579

Neo QLED 8K (QN800A)

  • 85-inch: $10,499
  • 75-inch: $7,579
  • 65-inch: $5,599

Neo QLED 4K (QN90A)

  • 75-inch: $6,399
  • 65-inch: $4,899
  • 55-inch: $3,849
  • 50-inch: $2,899

Neo QLED 4K (QN85A)

  • 85-inch: $7,579
  • 75-inch: $5,249
  • 65-inch: $4,429
  • 55-inch: $3,379

QLED 4K (Q80A)

  • 65-inch: $3,489
  • 55-inch: $2,679

QLED 4K (Q70A)

  • 85-inch: $5,829
  • 75-inch: $3,499
  • 65-inch: $2,799
  • 55-inch: $2,209


  • 85-inch: $4,619
  • 75-inch: $2,889
  • 65-inch: $2,189
  • 55-inch: $1,729

Crystal UHD (AU8000)

  • 85-inch: $3,389
  • 75-inch: $2,259
  • 65-inch: $1,689
  • 55-inch: $1,349
  • 43-inch: $1,017

FHD (T5300)

  • 32-inch: $619

The Terrace

  • 75-inch: $10,999
  • 65-inch: $7,999
  • 55-inchL $5,999

The Frame

  • 75-inch: $4,079
  • 65-inch: $2,899
  • 55-inch: $2,329
  • 50-inch: $1,979
  • 43-inch: $1,629
  • 32-inch: $919


  • 43-inch: $2,329


  • 55-inch: $2,099
  • 43-inch: $1,499

Samsung 2021 Soundbars

And if you’re in the market for a new soundbar, Samsung has a bunch of new ones as well.

  • Q950A: $2,099
  • Q900A: $1,599
  • Q870A: $1,499
  • Q700A: $899
  • Q600A: $799
  • A650: $599
  • A550: $499
  • A450: $349
  • S61A: $599