Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: Everything We Know So Far

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: Everything We Know So Far
Image: Samsung

Samsung may have only just launched its Galaxy S21 lineup, but we’re still waiting on news about its most innovative phone: the Galaxy Fold.

After a disastrous first model, Samsung improved its folding technology to bring us the Galaxy Z Fold 2 last September. This means a third generation of the Fold is still a while away, but we’re eager to see what other developments will come out of this folding technology.

This is everything we know about Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 3 so far. Keep an eye on this post as we’ll keep updating it as more information is announced.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: Design

S Pen stylus

A rumour that went around a while ago suggested that both the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and the Fold 3 could be getting S Pen support. Well, it turned out to be true for the S21 Ultra so it does stand to reason that it could be coming to the Fold 3 as well.

This rumour initially came from a Korean site Ajou News (via TechRadar), which reports that a Samsung Group official has said the Galaxy Z Fold will be S Pen compatible and have an inbuilt notch to house the stylus.

There have actually been multiple leaks to support this rumour including one that suggests Samsung will switch the S Pen technology from electromagnetic resonance to active electrostatic solution to support the Fold 3. Samsung may also double the glass thickness to 60 micrometres to help withstand the use of a stylus.


The same report from Ajou News also claims that the Fold 3 will be the first to have an under-display camera. This will be a first for the Fold and means the front-facing camera will be housed under the screen itself. That’s right, no notch required. The report did say that if the camera quality decreases from being under the screen, it will not be included.


Early leaks have indicated that the Galaxy Fold 3 will actually get a smaller display. Leaker Ross Young said the Fold 3 will shrink the screen size in order to accommodate for the aforementioned S Pen.

Galaxy Fold 3 Lite

A sizeable rumour going around from The Elec is that a lite version of Samsung’s fold could be the first to release this year. The report indicates that Samsung will release 3 foldable phones in 2021: the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and the Galaxy Z Fold Lite.

The Galaxy Z Fold Lite is said to be the budget model of the Fold 3, which is nice considering just how expensive the current Folds are. It’s said to have a 7-inch internal screen and a 4-inch external screen.

The Lite is also said to release in the first quarter of 2021, with the other two releasing later in the year. That being said this report is from early 2020 and we’re in March 2021 now without any sign of a new Fold 3 Lite from Samsung. Other reports indicate that some form of the Fold 3 will ship as soon as May, so this could refer to the Fold 3 or the Fold 3 Lite.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: Specs

An exclusive report from SamMobile has revealed some leaked specs for the Fold 3. The report claims the new model will have at least 256GB of storage (similar to the Fold 2) and will run Android 11 with One UI 3.5.

The Galaxy S21 series just received One UI 3.1 so there are a few more updates to go until we reach the Fold 3’s rumoured standards..

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: Release Date

Ajou News’ earlier report indicates that we could see the Galaxy Fold 3 release as soon as June. However, another leak from @Universelce on Twitter said that we’d be waiting another 5 months to see the Fold 3. This was back in February which would take us to July 2021.

Considering the Fold 2 was only released last September and we’ve had a pandemic to contend with, these rumours seem incredibly optimistic. At this point, the best place to hedge your bets is probably the second half of 2021.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: Price

Both the Galaxy Fold and the Z Fold 2 have come in it a hefty $2,999 price tag. With no changes between these prices the best we can hope for is that the price won’t increase with the Fold 3.