Optus Will Discount Your 4G Broadband Plan by 10% for the First Two Years

Optus Will Discount Your 4G Broadband Plan by 10% for the First Two Years
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If you’re currently living somewhere that doesn’t have access to the NBN, or you’re just not a fan of NBN as a whole, Optus is currently running a 10% off deal for its 4G broadband internet plans. This discount will last for the first 24 months you’re with provider.

Optus currently offers two broadband plans. The Home Internet Lite plan will give you 200GB of data every month, while the Home Internet Everyday plan will give you a 500GB data allowance.

You can pick up either of these Optus broadband plans as either a 24 month contract or month-to-month. If you do take the month-to-month option for either plan, you’ll also be charged $216 for a modem upfront. This means the minimum cost for the 200GB plan is $274.50, and the minimum cost for 500GB is $283.50.

If you do manage to hit your data cap, you can pay $10 for an additional 40GB. You can do this five times a month, after which your download speeds will be dropped to 1.5 Mpbs.

Also, depending on where you live, if 5G wireless broadband becomes available at your address, you’ll be able to switch over without paying any cancellation fees.

You can check out the discounted Optus 4G broadband internet plans below:

How much data will you use each month?

Do you want to make sure you’re picking a plan that corresponds with your house’s data usage? Firstly, consider what your current living arrangement is, as more people living under the same roof means there’ll be more people using the internet at any given time.

You also need to consider what you and everyone else will be using the internet for. Is everyone using it for work or data intensive entertainment like gaming, or is everyone just using it to stream Netflix?

For example, Netflix uses an average of 1GB of data per hour when streaming in standard definition, and 3GB of data per hour when streaming in high definition. That means the average data usage per month would be 60GB and 180GB, respectively.

If you’re not sure about whether 200GB will be enough data for you each month, and considering the price difference between the 200GB and 500GB plan is roughly $10, you’ll probably get more value by taking the Home Internet Everyday plan from the get go.