My Cries for an Agatha Harkness Toy Have Been Heard

My Cries for an Agatha Harkness Toy Have Been Heard
...and her theme song is stuck in my head again. (Image: Disney)
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And the other guy, too! Oh, and spoiler warning for the latest episode of WandaVision — don’t click through if you haven’t seen it.

It only took three days from the premiere of “Previously On” for Funko to released pics of an enormous-noggined Agatha in her full witch togs and the white version of Vision. Of course it was going to be Funko Pops; those toys breed like Tribbles.

Image: Funko Image: Funko

The single raised eyebrow is the perfect touch. I have managed to purchase only one Funko Pop my entire nerd life. Today, I will order the second. Here’s the other guy:

Image: Funko Image: Funko

There will also be a glow-in-the-dark Vision that’s a Wal-Mart exclusive, which admittedly looks very snazzy. However, is he played by the glorious Kathryn Hahn? He is not, and thus, is not worthy of my money.

Image: Funko Image: Funko

Here’s the thing, though — also revealed a Marvel Legends figure for the new Vision:

Image: Marvel/Hasbro Image: Marvel/Hasbro

Does this mean we’re getting an action figure of Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness? Not necessarily, alas. This is just a redeco of the Paul Bettany-as-Vision figure Hasbro released a few years ago, which made it very quick and easy to produce. They’d need to sculpt an entirely new figure to create a Hahn-as-Agatha figure, which would neither be quick nor easy.

On the other hand, there have been some outrageously obscure characters in the Marvel Legends line, and there’s no way Agatha isn’t about three million times more popular than, say, Constrictor. Hope springs eternal!

Funko says pre-orders for the Pops will open later today at fine retailers everywhere, but the Marvel Legends figure seems TBD.

[Via Toyark]