Microsoft Is Testing Its Edge Chromium Browser on Xbox

Microsoft Is Testing Its Edge Chromium Browser on Xbox

Using a browser on a console may actually improve soon! Microsoft is now testing a Chromium version of its Edge browser on Xbox.

This was first reported by The Verge, which noticed the edge app in the latest Xbox Alpha Skip Ahead build.

This is an invite-only ‘ring’ that allows certain users previous future builds of Xbox OS releases. This is slightly different to the regular alpha level that only allows previews of the next upcoming OS release.

According to Verge reporter Tom Warren, the app is yet to get full mouse and keyboard support. However, it does work with an Xbox controller, though it’s a bit buggy at the present time.

Warren also said on Twitter that Google Stadia will work on Xbox once this new version of Edge is rolled out.

As this is currently limited to select users, it’s worth keeping in mind that there is no date on when this might be rolled out to the general public.

Since we don’t even know which upcoming OS update it will be coming in, we’d recommend not getting too excited yet.

Still, this is going to be a god send for anyone who has been looking forward to a half-decent browsing experience on a console.

Or anyone who wants to watch porn.

Let’s not forget that back in the PS3 heyday a huge proportion of people used the browser to watch pornography. Porn Hub even ran stats on it, because of course it did.

While PlayStation was in the lead, Xbox wasn’t far behind. And perhaps as we enter the new console generation, green will defeat blue when it comes to filth mongering.