Kevin Feige Teases The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’s Mysterious New Marvel Comics Location

Kevin Feige Teases The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’s Mysterious New Marvel Comics Location
Sam and Bucky are going travelling. (Screenshot: Marvel Studios)

Fede Alvarez teases his Texas Chainsaw Massacre follow-up. Work has begun on Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers and The Midnight Club. Henry Golding teases reshoots on Snake Eyes. Plus, what’s to come on Supergirl and The Flash. To me, my spoilers!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

In a recent interview with Bloody-Disgusting, director Fede Alvarez described the next Texas Chainsaw Massacre film as “Old Man Leatherface,” suggesting it will follow the recent trend of sequel-ignoring follow-ups in the vain of 2018’s Halloween.

It is a direct sequel, and it is the same character. It is old man Leatherface.

Here’s Why We Don’t Need Another Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie

Tobe Hooper’s 1974 Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a horror masterpiece. His 1986 Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is a horror comedy masterpiece. The rest of the series ain’t so great. With another Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot due next year, we decided it was time to sift through the bones and...

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Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers

Production has officially begun on the live-action Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers movie.

Peter Pan & Wendy

Coming Soon reports production has additionally begun on Disney’s live-action Peter Pan.

A House on the Bayou

/Film reports Blumhouse is producing eight new horror films exclusively for Pennyworth’s EPIX. The first in the series, A House on the Bayou, comes from writer-director Alex McAulay and is said to follow “a troubled couple and their preteen daughter who go on vacation to an isolated house in the Louisiana bayou to reconnect as a family. But when unexpected visitors arrive, their facade of family unity starts to unravel, as terrifying secrets come to light.”

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

Reshoots on Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins are currently underway according to actor Henry Golding on Youtube.


NFI has our first look at Tomb Raider director Roar Uthaug’s latest film about a giant troll attacking Norway.

Photo: NetflixPhoto: Netflix

The Falcon and the Winter Solider

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Kevin Feige hints that the show will utilise a location that was not “previously available” to Marvel Studios prior to the Disney-Fox merger:

There’s a setting in particular that people have already glimpsed in some of the trailers that is a setting from the Marvel Comics that was not previously available to us, but it’s more of an Easter egg in and of itself.

Previous set pictures included elements of the Madripoor flag as set dressing, suggesting that Feige is teasing the infamous Southeast Asian island nation home to many of the Marvel Comics universe’s most notorious gangs and lucrative business dealings — and has many ties to the X-Men.

Meanwhile, in conversation with Comic Book Movie, series writer Malcolm Spellman appears to confirm Danny Ramirez plays Falcon’s successor, Joaquin Torres.


TV Line has photos from the March 30 season premiere of Supergirl. Click through for more.

Photo: The CWPhoto: The CW
Photo: The CWPhoto: The CW
Photo: The CWPhoto: The CW
Photo: The CWPhoto: The CW

The Midnight Club

Production has officially begun on Mike Flanagan’s adaptation of Christopher Pike’s The Midnight Club.


Hulu has released a new trailer for the Duplass Bros.’s upcoming documentary series investigating a triple homicide allegedly committed by a Sasquatch.

Black Lightning

Painkiller enjoys his own backdoor pilot in the promo for next week’s episode of Black Lightning.

The Flash

Abra Kadabra returns in the trailer for next week’s episode of The Flash, “Central City Strong.”

Superman & Lois

Captain Luthor hunts Lois Lane in the trailer for next week’s episode of Superman & Lois.


Finally, the second season of Snowpiercer draws to a close in the trailer for March 29’s two-hour finale.

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