HBO Series ‘The Girl Before’ Will See Gugu Mbatha-Raw Trapped in David Oyelowo’s House

HBO Series ‘The Girl Before’ Will See Gugu Mbatha-Raw Trapped in David Oyelowo’s House
Gugu Mbatha-Raw and David Oyelowo in The Cloverfield Paradox. (Image: Netflix)

While The Cloverfield Paradox might not be a movie people look back on fondly, two of its stars are teaming back up for a sci-fi thriller of a different sort that could very well give them both an opportunity to show the world what all they can do with a darker, more sinister story.

In JP Delaney’s novel The Girl Before, which HBO’s now adapting into a four-part-miniseries, a woman named Jane (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) jumps at the opportunity to move into a gorgeously designed home crafted by a mysterious architect (David Oyelowo). Though the architect’s requirement that the home’s occupents live by a strict set of rules of his choosing initially unnerves Jane, it isn’t until she discovers that Emma, the last woman to live there, died on the premises in unusual circumstances.

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Though The Girl Before’s premise could have easily been adapted for the big screen, Delaney, who’s returning to write on the series, said in a press release that the limited series format would actually end up bringing more to the story.

“Psychological thrillers can be even more gripping on television than they would be as movies, and I’m incredibly excited to be re-telling this particular story in a visual medium,” Delaney said. “It’s also been great fun to collaborate on episodes two and three with a brilliant co-writer, Marissa Lestrade.”

Killing Eve’s Lisa Brühlmann is set to direct and executive produce The Girl Before, which is a co-production of HBO and BBC. Currently, there are no details on when the series it set to begin production.