Google Speaker Playing The Wrong Podcast? It’s Not Just You

Google Speaker Playing The Wrong Podcast? It’s Not Just You

A deeply specific bug in some Google smart speakers is resulting in the wrong podcasts being played. So don’t worry, it’s not just you.

Some Home and Nest users have been reporting issues over the past few days. This has been cropping up on Reddit as well as the Google Nest Help forum.

While they have been using the same voice commands as previously, Google Podcasts will start playing a completely different show.

While it may be easy to dismiss this as perhaps a pronunciation issue, it isn’t The speakers are playing shows that don’t sound anything like the pod that the person is actually after.

“I am trying to get my speaker to play the podcast I have subscribed to rather random one or one I have never listened to before,” a user posted on the Nest Help forum.

“Why did my smart speakers forget my usual podcast? I cannot get it to play 2 of them so ended up casting my phone. I am about to throw all my speakers out and get bluetooth speakers. Tired of fighting this every 6 months.”

The wrong podcast from googlehome

According to 9to5Google, Google speakers with displays are also being impacted by the bug. Of course, you can get around this by choosing a podcast manually on screen rather than opting for Google Assistant.

Besides music and relaxing sounds, Google’s Assistant devices are frequently used for podcasts. However, a bug has emerged in the past few days that sees Google Home and Nest speakers play the wrong podcast.

How can I get around this Google Podcast bug?

Hopefully the company will fix this soon, but if you would like to listen to the correct podcasts now, we certainly can’t blame you.

One thing you could do is cast the podcast to your Google speaker of choice. You can do this via the Google Podcast app. Simply hit the cast icon and then select the speaker you want to cast to.

It’s not ideal, but better than nothing for the time being.