Google Celebrates Pi Day With a Cute Calculator Easter Egg

Google Celebrates Pi Day With a Cute Calculator Easter Egg
Photo: Gerd Altmann | Pixabay

Happy Pi Day, fellow nerds! The yearly celebration of the mathematical constant π or pi, aka the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter (and here I thought I’d never get a chance to use 9th-grade geometry in real life!). It falls on March 14 because pi written out numerically is 3.14… and then goes on forever because irrational numbers just roll that way.

In observance of this pseudo-holiday, Google hid a nerdy little Easter egg in Chrome’s calculator. To pull it up, search for “pi”, “pi day”, or simply “calculator” in Google. You should see some stars twinkling around a pi symbol in the upper lefthand corner. When you click it, it triggers a sort of “Simon Says” game, except with digits of pi: The calculator briefly shows you the first three digits of pi, and if you manage to enter all the digits correctly then it does the same for the first four digits of pi, then the first five digits, and so on and so forth. We played around with it a bit, which you can see in the gif below.

Gif: Google/Gizmodo Gif: Google/Gizmodo

The calculator even records your “high score,” which I think is pretty darn adorable, not going to lie. Reminds me of ye olden CoolMath4Kids days.

Screenshot: Google/Gizmodo Screenshot: Google/Gizmodo

Presumably, Google’s pi calculator game would go on ad infinitum like pi itself, but we’ve yet to test that theory. Feel free to check it out yourselves and let us know what you find out in the comments.