Buddy Cop Movies And TV Shows To Watch Before The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Drops

Buddy Cop Movies And TV Shows To Watch Before The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Drops
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The next big Marvel TV show launching on Disney+ is The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, an odd couple thriller about two superheroes just trying to get along. If you’re in the mood for some buddy cop bickering in the lead up to the show’s launch on March 19, there’s plenty of similar TV shows and movies you can watch to prepare. This Gizmodo Movie Night, we’re looking at all the iconic ‘odd couples’ in entertainment.

Here’s a few of our favourite classic examples from the genre.

Lethal Weapon (TV Show & Film Quadrilogy)

lethal weapon buddy cop
Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

Lethal Weapon started out as a Danny Glover and Mel Gibson-starring action adventure film about a rogue, depressed cop (Gibson) and his by-the-books partner (Glover). It went on to become a story about found family, with each instalment in the four-film franchise building on Riggs and Murtagh’s bickering in delightful new ways. They’re all well worth watching and still hold up today.

This classic dynamic was also used in the 2016 TV reboot of Lethal Weapon starring Clayne Crawford and Damon Wayans. The first two seasons of this show were genuinely great and always entertaining — and while clashes behind the scenes meant Crawford exited the show after its second season, what we did get from him was fantastic. Wayans and Crawford had an on-screen chemistry that matched (and sometimes exceeded) Gibson and Glover. If you’re into the buddy cop genre, make time for this show.

Lethal Weapon (TV) is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video in Australia.

The Lethal Weapon films are sadly not available on streaming services as of writing, but you can purchase or rent them from digital platforms.

21 Jump Street & 22 Jump Street

jump street film
Image: Columbia Pictures/MGM

21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street are two of the best modern comedies around. The writing is incredibly sharp in both movies, and Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill share a chemistry that makes every scene a pure joy. Yes, there’s bickering and bantering — but Schmidt and Jenko share a love that pops on the screen.

Combine their chemistry with wild antics, accidental drug-taking and a raft of instantly iconic one-liners, and you’ve got the recipe for a fantastic series of films. In a sea of modern comedy misfires, the Jump Street films were unlikely (and very welcome) hits.

Both 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street are currently streaming on Stan in Australia.

Hobbs & Shaw

hobbs shaw gizmodo movie night
Image: Universal Pictures

Hobbs & Shaw is about two men hunting down a super-powered Idris Elba, but it’s also about male bonding. Hobbs and Shaw spend this entire film taking shots at each between taking shots at bad guys, and it makes for a very entertaining high-speed adventure. There’s plenty of big explosions, testosterone and flexing to keep this film chugging along — and while the plot’s nothing to rave about, the action is always spectacular.

It’s the perfect ‘switch off your brain’ movie after a long week of work. Kick up your heels and bask in the bickering.

Hobbs & Shaw is currently streaming on Binge in Australia.

Turner & Hooch

turner and hooch
Image: Touchstone Pictures

For a buddy cop movie that’s a little bit different, check out the 1989 classic Turner & Hooch on Disney+. Essentially, this movie is Lethal Weapon, but if one of the cops was actually a dog. Tom Hanks’ Scott Turner is a serious investigator. Hooch is… well, a dog. Together, they’re unstoppable.

The movie follows their adventures as Turner learns to live with Hooch and even appreciate him for his doggy sleuthing skills. At times, the movie is very silly but hey, sometimes we need a bit of ridiculousness in our lives. Sometimes, you just need to watch a movie about dog that’s a cop.

Turner & Hooch is currently streaming on Disney+ in Australia.


izombie tv show gizmodo movie night
Image: The CW / Warner Bros.

iZombie was the black sheep of The DC/CW TV shows. Despite technically being part of the Arrowverse, it was never acknowledged in canon or included in any crossovers. But it’s a real gem of a show, and Liv Moore is an incredibly likeable character.

iZombie follows her adventures as an investigative cop trying to hide her identity as a zombie and keep the oncoming apocalypse from happening.

While it’s not your typical ‘buddy cop’ drama there’s plenty of witty banter and pot-shots between its primary cast members. Liv and Blaine (depicted above) share a particularly catty relationship, and it makes for some great buddy ‘odd couple’ entertainment.

iZombie is currently streaming on Stan in Australia.

From Dusk Till Dawn (TV Show)

from dusk till dawn
Image: El Rey Network

The From Dusk Till Dawn franchise kicked off with the original 1996 film, directed by Robert Rodriguez and written by Quentin Tarantino. Since then, it’s spawned multiple (bad) sequels and the quite good 2014 TV adaptation. While the show mostly stuck to the original film, later seasons expanded on the tense relationship between brothers Seth and Richie Gecko.

Halfway through season one, Richie becomes a vampire — and it amps up the buddy-cop formula tenfold. There’s ‘bickering’ and then there’s ‘shooting your brother in the head because he’s a bloodsucker’. Unsurprisingly, the act doesn’t help matters at all. But it does make From Dusk Till Dawn a fantastic, fun show.

From Dusk Till Dawn (TV) is currently streaming on Netflix in Australia. If you’re keen to watch the original film, you can catch that on Stan.

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