Gargoyles’ Goliath Flies Again as an Outstanding Action Figure

Gargoyles’ Goliath Flies Again as an Outstanding Action Figure
I mean...damn, that's a good action figure. (Photo: NECA/Disney)

It’s been a long, long time since the Gargoyles animated series went off the air (1997, if you really want to feel old), but there’s been a bevy of fans who never stopped wishing for the return of Goliath, Brooklyn, and the others. Well, the animated series isn’t getting a reboot — yet — but waiting will be a bit more bearable after they get this frankly dynamite new Goliath from NECA Toys.

Seriously, look at him — that’s a stone-cold fantastic figure, and the pun is obviously intended:

NECA has revealed the figure will be seven inches tall, include two faces, and a book accessory (all of which you can see above). Also, the figure will be out in summer and pre-orders will start today.

What NECA hasn’t clarified is whether they’re just doing Goliath or if they have the rights to make figures of the entire Gargoyles franchise, but I would assume the latter until they say otherwise. Or they’re testing the water with Goliath, and if he sells well enough (and he almost certainly will) the company will release more figures from the series later. Stay tuned for updates.