Disney+ Series Earth Moods Is Just What I’ve Been Looking For

Disney+ Series Earth Moods Is Just What I’ve Been Looking For
Image: National Geographic/Disney+

For those of us who turn to nature sounds when we’ve got the weirds, a new Disney+ series looks like it may fit the bill.

The streaming service on Monday debuted the first look trailer and key art for Earth Moods, a National Geographic joint that will debut on Disney+ on April 16. By all indications, the five-episode series looks like Calm for your eyes. Producer Neil Davidge of Massive Attack fame produced the score for the nature series, which will take “viewers on the ultimate retreat — transporting them to a vast array of colourful and calming corners of the world.” Key to this series is that there is zero dialogue.

“Each ‘mood’ gives the audience an opportunity to relax and reset as the sound of music and the natural world washes over them,” the series synopsis says. Buddy, sign me the hell up.

Particularly when I’m multitasking, I appreciate nature reels sans dialogue. When I’m anxious, I turn to either the nature scenes section in my Calm app, Sounding Nature from the collaborative Cities & Memory project, or one of a handful of YouTube nature videos that I’ve seemingly trained my algorithm to dig up, including a 9-hour video of jellyfish doing jellyfish stuff with soothing, ambient music playing in the background.

I often throw one of these on in the background while I’m working. Especially in quarantine, I’ve found they’re all good solutions to help ward off daily stresses. The “musical experience” of Earth Moods looks like it brings that same energy. We can expect to see panning shots of glaciers, beautifully lit cityscapes, deserts, beaches, and rainforests. Guest appearances include at least one (1) sea turtle and two dolphins.

All five episodes of Earth Moods will be released on Disney+ the same day it hits the service. I, for one, am already here for season 2.