Aptly Titled Short Suspense Finds Terror in the Treetops

Aptly Titled Short Suspense Finds Terror in the Treetops

After he’s caught in a tree during his descent and left dangling high above the ground, a paratrooper’s situation is already looking pretty precarious — and then he realises there’s something lurking in the forest. Directed by Ben and Jacob Burghart, short Suspense lives up to its title in all the meanings of the word.

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In an email to Gizmodo, Jacob Burghart — who says he and his brother have been making movies “since we were 8 and 10 years old, growing up on a small farm in Western Kansas” — noted they specifically graded their film to pay homage to their favourite 1970s war movies. It gives Suspense some retro flair that makes it stand out even more, beyond its simple yet absolute nail-biter of a plot (that horrifying hooting sound!) that unfolds in just six and a half minutes.

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