American Gods Is Dead, Starz Has Killed It After 3 Seasons

American Gods Is Dead, Starz Has Killed It After 3 Seasons
Shadow Moon gazing at something no ordinary human could ever see. (Screenshot: Starz)

In time, all good things must come to an end, and in American Gods case, that time came at some point after the first season finale when Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, American Gods’ original showrunners, promptly exited the series, citing issues with budgeting and creative decisions. American Gods ran for two more seasons, mind you. They just weren’t particularly interesting.

Deadline reports that Starz has sent Neil Gaiman’s American Gods adaptation to the gallows after three wildly uneven seasons that saw multiple cast members including Orlando Jones, Gillian Anderson, Kristin Chenoweth, Pablo Schreiber, Mousa Kraish, and Chris Obi gradually leave the series with a swiftness that made the writing on the wall quite easy to interpret. Despite Starz’ finally coming the realisation that audiences have directed their viewing-cum-worship elsewhere, Deadline also reports that the network may be considering closing out the live-action series’ story as much as possible with a TV film set after the events of the third season’s finale.

We live in an age where cancelled TV shows coming back to life in slightly different forms is a rather common occurrence, but one of American Gods’ biggest problems right up until the end was how the show really never got a handle on how to synthesise the essence of Neil Gaiman’s original novel into something that could properly fit on the small screen. If Starz couldn’t pull that sort of feat off with multiple seasons of television, it’s debatable whether the network could or should try to wrap things up with yet another go at making this work.

Considering how abruptly the show came to an end, though, the network might feel the need to give its characters at least a little bit of closure, especially if it can scrounge up the budget to give them one last sendoff.

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