A Bird Box Spinoff Set in Spain Is in the Works

A Bird Box Spinoff Set in Spain Is in the Works
The 2018 hit Bird Box is back in the news. (Photo: Netflix)

Remember way back in 2018, which feels like 400 million years ago, when Netflix released the horror thriller Bird Box? The movie was one of the streamer’s first genuine blockbusters, inspiring all manner of discussion and inspiration. In the years since, talk about a sequel has percolated from time to time, but now, there’s some real movement.

Directors Alex and David Pastor have been hired to helm a Bird Box spinoff set in Spain, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Original producers Dylan Clark and Chris Morgan are on board too and the streamer is fast-tracking development to hopefully have the Pastors filming before the end of the year.

There’s no word on what, specifically, this film will be about but it’s set in the same world as Bird Box. That means we’ll see how the sinister phenomenon of a presence that drives anyone who sees it insane plays out in an entirely different setting.

The Pastors, who are from Spain, are no strangers to the horror/sci-fi genre. They wrote the 2015 Ryan Reynolds sci-fi film self/less, directed a 2009 Chris Pine genre film Carriers, and made a post apocalyptic thriller called The Last Days. They also recently worked with Netflix on a drama called The Occupant.

Bird Box, which starred Sandra Bullock, was based on the novel of the same name by Josh Malerman. Last year he published a sequel novel, called Malorie (named after the Bullock character), that’s reportedly being developed into a film as well.

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