WandaVision’s Catchy New Agatha Song Is a Vintage Bop

WandaVision’s Catchy New Agatha Song Is a Vintage Bop
Who, me? (Photo: Marvel Studios)

If you haven’t seen the latest episode of WandaVision yet, you might want to click away. Heck, even if you have seen it you might want to be careful. If you don’t, a certain song is about to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

The seventh episode of WandaVision, “Breaking the Fourth Wall,” ended with one of the series’ most game-changing, but also semi-expected, reveals to date: Agnes, the quirky next door neighbour played by Kathryn Hahn, has been controlling things the entire time. And, in fact, she’s not “Agnes,” she’s Agatha Harkness, a Marvel comic book character who was once Wanda’s mentor.

Within the context of this show, the news was conveyed by the Munsters-inspired theme song “It Was Agatha All Along,” written by Kristen Andersen-Lopez and Robert Lopez. That’s now online all on its own and, well, as the kids say…it’s a bop.

Exactly what Agatha’s endgame (pun intended) is in controlling Wanda, Vision, the Hex, all of it, we’ll likely found out soon enough. And with any luck, it’ll be accompanied by more Lopez earworms.

For more speculation and back story on Agatha, check out this link as well as our episode recap below. WandaVision continues Friday on Disney+ with its penultimate episode.

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