Twitter Wants Us All To Be Paypigs

Twitter Wants Us All To Be Paypigs
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Twitter just announced some new features coming to the social media platform. This includes ‘Super Follows’ that allow you to charge for extra content.

The company made the announcement during its Virtual Analyst Day on Friday and its the biggest changes we’ve seen in awhile.

Twitter Super Follows

Super Follows is a new exclusivity feature that allows users to charge for extra content. It seems like it would work similarly to Patreon where you get extra stuff for being a subscriber.

On Twitter it seems like this could take a variety of forms, like bonus tweets, deals, exclusive or early access to content and newsletter access.

In the example Twitter showed off, a person could become a Super Follower for $US4.99 a month for a bunch of perks.

It’s currently unclear if there will be a flat Super Follow fee or if a creator can choose the price point. Twitter is also yet to comment on if it will take a cut — which is probable — or how much that will be.

We’re also unsure as to whether Super Follow will be an option for all users or reserved for verified Blue Ticks.


twitter super follow communities
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The second feature Twitter announced was Communities. Much like Facebook Groups, it allows users to join a community around a specific interest.

The examples Twitter used include cats, plants — which made me feel incredibly seen.

This will apparently allow the users to see more tweets about these particular interests. Not much else is known about it yet but it seems like you will no longer have to beg to be sent pet pics when you’re having a bad day.

When it comes to roll out, we don’t know when these features will actually launch. But Twitter’s Product Lead, Kayvon Beykpour, made a point of saying how much faster the company has become at shipping new features.

“We’ve been evolving the product in more transformational ways, solving bigger problems for our customers, and moving way faster than we had before.”