TPG’s Prepaid Plans Are Currently Half-Price

TPG’s Prepaid Plans Are Currently Half-Price
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If you’re someone who prefers a prepaid mobile plan over a postpaid one and loves a good bargain, you might be interested in a deal that TPG is currently running.

The telco has reduced all of its prepaid plans by half, for the first three months you’re with them. Depending on which plan you take up, you’ll be saving between $29.97 to $59.97 during the discounted period.

You can check out the discounted TPG plans below:

If you’re not someone who uses a tonne of data every month, the Small plan might be a good fit for you. You’ll pay $10 a month and get 8GB of data. However, you can double that data for an extra $2.50 if you take up TPG’s Medium plan, which is $12.50 per month with 16GB.

If you want to make use of the discount and get as much data as possible, TPG’s Extra Large prepaid plan is only $20 per month and you’ll get a solid 55GB of data.

Considering TPG’s Small plan is usually $19.99 per month for almost a seventh of the data, that’s a decent deal.

Since these are prepaid plans, they’re all contract free. So if you were to take the discounted Extra Large plan but aren’t keen on paying full price after that initial three month period ends, you’re free to switch to a less expensive plan.

The Extra Large plan is pretty good value for your money. When you compare it to prepaid and postpaid mobile plans with at least 50GB data, it still shakes out to be one of the cheapest plans available. Most of the other plans sit at around the $30 to $45 mark.

Here’s how TPG’s Extra Large plan stacks up with those others: