TPG’s Extremely Fast NBN 100 Plan Has Been Discounted

TPG’s Extremely Fast NBN 100 Plan Has Been Discounted
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With so much of our life relying on being online, there is truly nothing more frustrating that slow internet. Having a speedy service is essential, but the faster a NBN plan is, the more it’ll cost you. Thankfully, plenty of NBN providers offer regular discounts on their plans, and you can currently grab a discount on TPG’s NBN 100 plan.

TPG is currently offering a $10 discount off their NBN 100 plan for new customers, knocking the usual monthly price of $89.99 down to $79.99. This deal lasts for the the first six months you’re with the provider, after which it’ll jump back up to the full monthly price.

This NBN 100 plan is a six month contract, so you’ll be paying a minimum $489.94 over the half-year period you’re with TPG. However, once you hit the end of this discount period, you’re free to leave as well.

You’ll also be charged an extra $10 when you first sign up to the plan as you’ll be sent a new modem.

You can check out more information about TPG’s NBN 100 plan below:

If you do a majority of your gaming online, a NBN 100 plan will keep you well covered in terms of latency. It’ll also give you some reasonable waiting periods when you’re installing a new game with a large file size, or any chunky updates you’ll need during the game’s lifetime.

If Call of Duty is your game of choice, this plan should be of interest to you.

TPG is currently reporting typical NBN 100 evening speeds of 95Mbps, which makes it the third faster provider around for the speed tier, tied with iiNet. You can see how this TPG plan stacks up with other NBN providers in the table below.