The Wrong Clubhouse App is Getting Review Bombed on Google Play

The Wrong Clubhouse App is Getting Review Bombed on Google Play

A management app called Clubhouse has been getting review bombed into oblivion this week due to its unfortunate name and Android availability.

If you’re not sure what’s going on, audio-based social media app, Clubhouse, has been blowing up this week. While it has been around since 2020, it gained more attention after Elon Musk jumped on the platform for a talk on Monday.

Part of the mystique of Clubhouse is that you need an invite from another member to join. The FOMO has been real.

But unfortunately its popularity has resulted in negative blowback for a completely different app with the same name.

Clubhouse Software, or just Clubhouse, is a collaborative project management app that has been around since 2019. But unfortunately it’s being confused with the social media app. Not only that, it’s copping a ton of negative reviews on Google Play.

Why is Clubhouse getting Review Bombed on Google?

For the most part, people are genuinely confusing one app for another. They are having issues with the social media app but leaving a review on the project management one.

“I don’t like apps that are confusing. I have never heard of this app before but I was invited to use it today. The navigation is not user friendly. I could not find out how to locate my friends seminar,” one review comment said.

But many more complain about the app not working on Android. And this actually makes perfect sense.

Clubhouse (the fledgling social media platform) is currently only available on iOS devices. So if people are flocking to Google Play to leave a negative review, they will only find the Other Clubhouse, not realising it’s an entirely different app.

Some don’t realise there’s no Android option for the social media app yet and also give the wrong app a negative comment for that:

“Doesn’t give the option to make an account. I have an Android. Saw that more people experience the same problem,” one comment reads.

The Wrong Clubhouse App is Getting Review Bombed on Google Play

At the time of writing the overall review score was down to 2.9 stars on Google play and a heap of negative comments had been left. But some good Samaritans are jumping on Google Play to give the app positive reviews in response.

The Wrong Clubhouse App is Getting Review Bombed on Google Play

And to poor Clubhouse Software’s credit, it is doing its best to explain the difference between the two apps.

“We are Clubhouse the project management tool – here’s a page that helps clarify some of the confusion:,” the company has said in response to many of the reviews.

The website explainer is actually pretty cute and funny.

“Other clubhouses: traditionally, a Clubhouse is a kind of a treehouse that’s on the ground. We hear there may be other Clubhouses too, but we are not them,” the website reads.

Good luck, Clubhouse. This sucks for you and sorry to see it happen.