The World’s Largest Working PS5 Is 3 Metres Tall And Costs $90,000

The World’s Largest Working PS5 Is 3 Metres Tall And Costs $90,000
Image: ZHC/YouTube

There’s no denying that the PlayStation 5 is a big console, but how big is too big? YouTuber ZHC has become the proud owner of the world’s largest PS5 console. What’s better? It actually works.

The typical PS5 console stands at 39 cm tall, 26 cm wide and weighs about 4.5 kilograms. In comparison, ZHC’s console is 3-metres tall and weighs 224kg. No difference, really.

According to ZHC, this PS5 is literally 100 times larger than a normal PS5, making it the biggest console in history. It was even certified as such by the Guinness Book of World Records.

The console cost the YouTuber a whopping US$70,000 ($90,000), which is only slightly more expensive than the $749 you need to buy one in Australia. It even comes with an equally large DualSense controller.

ZHC confirmed in his video that this PS5 is indeed a working console and players can use the over-sized DualSense controller to play games.

One of the challenges in the video asked the teams to build houses in Minecraft, which saw them struggling to use the huge joysticks, even breaking one. Maybe they can blame it on DualSense drift.

Both the large PS5 and the DualSense controller have wires and working components. It’s unconfirmed if these interior pieces are to scale but the YouTuber said he’d be releasing some behind the scenes videos in the future to prove it does actually work.

After acquiring his massive PS5, ZHC then proceeded to spend 100 hours customising its blank faceplates for a YouTube challenge. ZHC is known for doing custom art jobs on other gadgets on his channel, so this was more of the same, just a whole lot bigger.

You can check out the final paint job in ZHC’s video.

Other exclusive features of this giant console include a changing array of coloured lights and an ability to play the PlayStation logo chime on startup.

Not only is ZHC the owner of the world’s largest PS5, but he also has 50 other PS5 consoles in his video. Admittedly, he said he was donating these to children in need, but that’s another big achievement given how difficult it is to nab a PS5 right now.