The Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Cartoon Just Got a Great Voice Cast and a Surprising Marvel Character

The Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Cartoon Just Got a Great Voice Cast and a Surprising Marvel Character
I absolutely adore how happy Moon Girl is to be brushing Devil Dinosaur's teeth. (Image: Disney Channel)
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We heard the Disney Channel was making an animated series out of Marvel’s adorable Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur comic way back in 2019. It’s taken a while for the series to announce its voice cast, but hot damn was it worth the wait — especially since the news has also revealed an unexpected Marvel character will be part of the series.

Singer and actor Diamond White will voice 13-year-old Lunella Lafayette, the titular Moon Girl and pet owner of the similarly titular Devil Dinosaur. Sasheer Zamata of Saturday Night Live fame will play Lunella’s mum Adria, while Alfre Woodard, who absolutely ruled as Mariah Stokes in Netflix’s Luke Cage series, is voicing Moon Girl’s grandmother. Jermaine Fowler (of CBS sitcom Superior Doughnuts) and comedian and actor Gary Anthony Williams round out the Lafayette family as Lunella’s father and grandfather, respectively. Sneaky Pete’s Libe Barer, who also does the voice of Webby’s pal Violet on DuckTales, is going to be Lunella’s friend/manager Casey, while long-time voice actor Fred Tatasciore will do the roars and snarls of Devil Dinosaur.

Power of a god, hair of a Hasselhoff. (Image: Marvel) Power of a god, hair of a Hasselhoff. (Image: Marvel)

The last voice is the real treat, because it also reveals a character in the show we didn’t know was coming: the Beyonder, voiced by none other than Laurence Fishburne.

The Beyonder has had an absolutely wild history in Marvel Comics that is far too convoluted to go into here, but he’s probably best known as the practically omnipotent being that summoned all the heroes and villains to fight in the original Secret Wars, and who wandered around Earth in a David Hasselhoff-ian form and decided to destroy the multiverse in Secret Wars II. I have to imagine that won’t be the guise he takes in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, but the show describes the character as “a curious and mischievous trickster,” so who knows?

There’s no release date for the show, but here’s an interesting fact from the show’s supervising producer, Ben Juwono: