All the Appliances You Need to Whip up a Smart Kitchen

All the Appliances You Need to Whip up a Smart Kitchen
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No matter what level of cook you are, introducing smart appliances and gadgets into your kitchen is a sure-fire way to boost your cooking skills. These appliances can help take off the stress of preparing certain meals through their multi-functionality, pre-programmed settings and constant feedback via phone apps.

We’ve collected a list of smart kitchen appliances that’ll help improve your meals, regardless of whether you’re a pro or novice. If you really want to go all out with your kitchen upgrades, you should also consider introducing some smart lighting and virtual assistants into your set up.

Inkbird Smart Wireless BBQ Thermometer ($27.19)

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Inkbird’s smart wireless thermometer is perfect for the busy chef. After you insert the stainless steel probe into your meat, you’re able to set up a timer and a high/low temperature alarm which will alert you via the phone app, so you can avoid overcooking or undercooking your meal.

The thermometer connects via Bluetooth with a range that’s just shy of 50m. Its temperature reading is accurate to ±1℃, with a the short time range of 0℃ to 310℃, and a continuous monitoring ranges from 0℃ to 250℃.

RENPHO Digital Food Scale ($24.99)


This digital food scale will help you track and record your meal data, calculate calories and offer detailed nutritional info for portion control. Built with four high-precision load sensors to give you the most accurate reading possible, the scale also comes with a tare function, which lets you remove the container weight when measuring small ingredients.

This scale also includes a feature designed for coffee, which will tell you the ratio needed between coffee beans and water, along with a brewing timer.

Ninja Foodi Smart Pressure Cooker ($269.10)

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If you love cooking but are tight on kitchen space, or maybe you’re a little less experienced and need something that can help you do everything, Ninja’s Foodi smart cooker might be the answer you need.

This smart cooker is your one stop pot. The Foodi uses a multi-functional cooking system, allowing you to pressure cook, slow cook, steam, sauté, brown, air fry, bake, roast, and grill. It even boasts the ability to make a fresh 2.3kg  chicken crispy in 40 minutes.

Ninja Intelli-Sense Smart Kitchen System ($335)

smart kitchen
Image: Amazon

Ninja’s Intelli-Sense Kitchen System isn’t one smart appliance, it’s four. It uses a smart base that has a set of smart programs which are specific to each of the interchangeable Smart Vessels.

It gives you a range of functions and cooking solutions without bulking out your cupboard with multiple appliances. The four Smart Vessels are the Total Crushing Pitcher, Precision Processor, High-Speed Blender Cup and Auto-Spiralizer.

You can use the Intelli-Sense to make a range of meals and drinks, from smoothies, to noodles, salsa and even pizza dough.

Breville Smart Grill Pro ($399)

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When cooking your meat to perfection, you need to be accurate with your temperature and times to ensure you get the correct doneness. You don’t want to aim for medium-rare and accidentally land on well done.

Breville’s Smart Grill Pro is designed to relieve some of that stress by giving accurate temperature readings and quick heat control. The Smart Grill Pro comes equiped with a stainless steel probe that will give you a precise reading of your meat’s temperature and also indicate when you need to remove it from the grill.

It also comes with programmed cooking settings for beef, lamb, pork, poultry and fish, so you can ensure you cook your meal to the doneness you need.

Ecovacs DEEBOT Robot Vacuum Cleaner ($569)

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Image: Ecovacs

Working hard to make a delicious meal? A great and rewarding time. Knowing that there’s a dirty kitchen waiting for you the moment you finish eating? Not so great and rewarding. While a robot vacuum cleaner won’t help you with that pile of dirty dishes sitting in your sink, it’ll take care of your dirty floors and give you one less thing to worry about.

Ecovacs’ DEEBOT Ozmo 920 can simultaneously vacuum and mop your floors, removing up to 99.26% of bacteria. The robot vacuum comes with programmable paths and routines, allowing you to choose when and where it will clean. You’re also able to pair it with Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands, giving you hands free control.

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